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    • Hey everyone, My name is Jordan and I've been playing this server for a bit now (about 3 weeks) and honestly, It's one of the best servers I've played in a while. I'm in college so I don't get to no life as much as I want to but since I'm on reading week this week, I've just been playing and I love it. my IGN is Jordan but I also have other accounts by the names of "Hccj" and "Dondan/Dondaan". I'm excited to be a part of this community.
    • Love it, feeling sad about the departure of valentine boxes though XD
    • -Bank tabs now work the first time you open your bank
      -The well of goodwill have been fixed up
      -Players can now type "k/m/b" for the amount donated in the wogw
      -The Dragonhunter crossbow will now do bonus damage to dragons properly
      -The scythe of vitur now 3 hits properly
      -Players will no longer see other players pets when right clicking
      -Players can now enchant Zenyte jewelry
      -Valentines Mystery boxes will no longer be dropped by monsters
      -Pet rune dragon itemdefinitions have been fixed for the naming
      -Firecape mix naming has been fixed
      -News messages will not display as often
      -Greater nechryael will now count towards a players slayer task
      -Hydra bones can now be un-noted properly
    • -Wrath runes are now 1gp again
      -If a players inventory is full, rare drop table items will be sent to the bank instead of disappearing
      -The giveitem command has bene fixed for players with a space in their name
      -The donation shop has been switch back to normal
      -The model for the Justiciar sword has been added and definitions have also been added
      -The stats of the Justiciar sword are comparable to the Dominion sword but the Justiciar sword will have a 10% chance to hit 50% more dmg and accurately
       The Jusitciar sword also has a +5 prayer bonus
      -Players can obtain the Justiciar sword from 1 of 2 locations : Wilderness event bosses (Glod & the ice queen) & Valius Mystery boxes
       There is a 1:150 chance on every Wilderness boss kill that a player will receive a bonus loot on top of their current loot that would
       be the Justiciars sword!
    • -The Zenyte jewellry enchantment now works to enchant the Zenyte Jewellry
      -Players can now autocast with ahrim staff & the Thammarons staff
      -Max capes now give a +7% Droprate (2% above the master capes) due to the time it takes to aquire one compared to a master cape
      -The price of wrath runes has been raised to 500 each
      -Players can now use a chisel on a Super potion set kit (from the pkp shop) to receive either 5x combat potions or 10x super att, str & def potions
      -The PvP Tournament Lobby has been finished, only a few more things to do with this until we can start showing it to players.
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