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    Jordan :D

    Hey everyone, My name is Jordan and I've been playing this server for a bit now (about 3 weeks) and honestly, It's one of the best servers I've played in a while. I'm in college so I don't get to no life as much as I want to but since I'm on reading week this week, I've just been playing and I love it. my IGN is Jordan but I also have other accounts by the names of "Hccj" and "Dondan/Dondaan". I'm excited to be a part of this community.
  4. Love it, feeling sad about the departure of valentine boxes though XD
  5. -Bank tabs now work the first time you open your bank -The well of goodwill have been fixed up -Players can now type "k/m/b" for the amount donated in the wogw -The Dragonhunter crossbow will now do bonus damage to dragons properly -The scythe of vitur now 3 hits properly -Players will no longer see other players pets when right clicking -Players can now enchant Zenyte jewelry -Valentines Mystery boxes will no longer be dropped by monsters -Pet rune dragon itemdefinitions have been fixed for the naming -Firecape mix naming has been fixed -News messages will not display as often -Greater nechryael will now count towards a players slayer task -Hydra bones can now be un-noted properly
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  8. -Wrath runes are now 1gp again -If a players inventory is full, rare drop table items will be sent to the bank instead of disappearing -The giveitem command has bene fixed for players with a space in their name -The donation shop has been switch back to normal -The model for the Justiciar sword has been added and definitions have also been added -The stats of the Justiciar sword are comparable to the Dominion sword but the Justiciar sword will have a 10% chance to hit 50% more dmg and accurately The Jusitciar sword also has a +5 prayer bonus -Players can obtain the Justiciar sword from 1 of 2 locations : Wilderness event bosses (Glod & the ice queen) & Valius Mystery boxes There is a 1:150 chance on every Wilderness boss kill that a player will receive a bonus loot on top of their current loot that would be the Justiciars sword!
  9. -The Zenyte jewellry enchantment now works to enchant the Zenyte Jewellry -Players can now autocast with ahrim staff & the Thammarons staff -Max capes now give a +7% Droprate (2% above the master capes) due to the time it takes to aquire one compared to a master cape -The price of wrath runes has been raised to 500 each -Players can now use a chisel on a Super potion set kit (from the pkp shop) to receive either 5x combat potions or 10x super att, str & def potions -The PvP Tournament Lobby has been finished, only a few more things to do with this until we can start showing it to players.
  10. Bio Split

    Syd's Intro

    Welcome to Valius Syd!
  11. I like your name ! Welcome to Valius
  12. Hey guys, wanted to make a quick post and check out the fourms for Valius, just started playing under the IG: Midnight. Look forward to talking and seeing everyone ingame!!
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  14. Cow pet lol. Goodluck everyone with the Valentine's Box!
  16. -Players have a chance to receive a Valius Mbox for donating $25+ -Players now have a chance of receive all 3 Mboxes if they donate above $50 -A Valentines Mysterybox has been created (little late but better than never!) Players will have a 1:150 chance of receiving these boxes from Monsters and 1:50 chance to receive them from bosses There are several Unique and Exclusive items found inside this box (Pictures below) Players will have 1 WEEK to receive the loots from this box and then they will be gone forever! -Herblore secondaries in the General store have been noted -"Moo" has been added to the Cows drop table as a pet cow drop for 1:500 rates (Player request) -A stock of 10,000 Wrath runes have been added to the magic shop
  17. Syd

    Syd's Intro

    sup guys, just getting back into RSPS after about a year off. A little about me: I'm a 20 year old college student majoring in Computer Science, I play lacrosse and I love beer. looking forward to grinding on the server and getting to know ya'll
  18. Good idea, and maybe the 99 Max cape could have like a 10% dr increace.
  19. https://gyazo.com/8c2bc0d14c8bf14db27aaf2505308884
  20. -The god d'hide tops will no longer show the default clothes through the armor -Fishing xp rates have been raised by neary double (99%) -Players can now finish the Tekton and Skeletal Wizard raid daily tasks -Players can no longer wear a shield while their godsword is sheathed -A few new items have been added to the donator store Prices are based off of the current in-game value of Donator tokens [10M = 1 token] -Chances for receiving a Party hat from the crystal chest have been added back but the rates have been increase to 1:10,000 (Very rare) -Ancient, Bandos and armadyl d'hide armors have been added to the medium cluescroll droptable -Male and Female elegant outfits have been added to the fancy outfit shop -The Twisted crossbow now has the same effect as the Twisted bow *Note* The Twisted bow is still the best in-slot weapon
  21. 99 fishing, also got a tbow from a raid
  22. And depending on what mode you are on it increases, maybe?
  23. -The slayer rare drop table is now complete. players have a 1:150 chance to hit this while on any slayer task Players can receive large stacks of skilling supplies, dragon dart and arrow tips and there is a rare chance for a player to receive a dragon hasta! -Chances of receiving an onyx from the Gem rare drop table were too high so they have been decreased slightly -Several item names have been fixed -Skillcape hoods have been added to the shop -Thessila has been added back to help new players find the outfit shops more easily You can find her in the western room with Adam and the Potion Decanter/Herb cleaner -The amount of Dragon darts has ben raised for 1 to 100 in the Pvm point shop -The Twisted Crossbow & Divine Spirit shield are now purchaseable from the donator shop. The value is based on the current Street price of the items. -The price of Void has been lowered in the Donator shop -Players can now recieve Zamorak, guthix and saradomin god dhides from medium as well as hard cluescrolls
  24. We will be looking into this, I have purchased the boots off of you to refund them for you.
  25. I was trying to buy an infernal key piece two from the trading post at home when i clicked infernal key piece 2 for 10m it decided to spend 20m on ranger boots. its not what i clicked, i right clicked the thing i wanted and boom, useless boots. if mods could give me money back i would be happy unless it sells by the time someone reads this. attatched is a creen shot moments after it happend https://imgur.com/FtfTvfK
  26. Pretty nice guide man 🙂
  27. Chaos Fanatic Guide The Chaos Fanatic is a boss located in the deep wildy (lvl. 42). It is easy as fuck if you have eyes and lvl 37 prayer for mage protect. You don't need to be on task to kill it but it helps, Nieve assigns it as a boss task. Getting There & Setup: Getting there is pretty straight forward. You can find it under the bosses tab on the valius teleporter. As for the setup, I made this halfway through my task but I use minimal risk range gear, a couple range pots, food & super restores. The Fight: Like I said earlier, this fight is extremely easy if you pay attention and just pray mage. Basically all you have to do is watch out for it's main attack which looks like several sperms that's pictured below and you should be fine. An easy way to do it is just attack, move 2 steps, etc. You could also choose to afk a little more and just stand there and eat but be cautious as it can hit 30's through prayer. Side Note: The main thing you can get here is the Odium Ward which is a pretty solid shield that gives a great mage bonus. You can also get mysterious emblems to turn into the wilderness person at home.Watch out for pkers! Here's my risk in that gear with prot item on Good Luck & Happy Hunting!
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