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    • I can't believe we are in our final week of the Skilling Competition! This week will conclude the skilling competition that has been ongoing for a little over 2 months now. Last weeks skills were Farming and Herblore. The winners are listed below:

      • Farming:
        • 1st Place: Thirdage (24,282,855 XP)
        • 2nd Place: Not Al (1,009,445 XP)
        • 3rd Place: N/A
      • Herblore:
        • 1st Place: Thirdage (14,195,915 XP)
        • 2nd Place: Not Al (291,250 XP)
        • 3rd Place: N/A

      This weeks new skills are Crafting and Hunter! Lets finish this competition strong! Goodluck everyone!

    • Added - infernal mystery box can be obtained from the donator store or the infernal chest.


      Added - the infernal chest you require 3 key pieces to combine and make the key to open the chest rewards you with 1 infernal mystery box you can get key pieces from npc's over 180 combat.



      Added - rogues chests.


      Fixed - Multiple bugs with the grand exchange.

      Added - Mode drop rate modifiers you can view these in the quest tab.

      Fixed - The quest tab not displaying the game mode you have.

      Fixed - Xp rates not being applied to game modes.

      Fixed - Summoning pouches not summoning familiars.

      Added - Gem rock teleport to skilling teleports.

      Removed - multiple wrong dagannoth king spawns.

      Added - Crossing stones for the lighthouse.

      Removed - Wrong bloodveld spawns in slayer tower.

      Added - Dragon warhammer stats.

      Fixed - Animated armour spawning outside the warriors guild.

      Changed - Black santa hat droprate from 1/1000 to 1/500.

      Added - Coal trucks.

      Started - Work on chambers of xeric.






    • Hey guys, the rest of the christmas event is finally here as well as some other goodies for you to earn. Thank Corey for the Custom models for the KBD armor + the Boss masks!

      -The Christmas event is now finished
      -A new Custom Event Boss can be spotted around Valius. Anti Santa will drop 2 Exclusive custom pets + Presents!

      -the King Black Dragon will now drop KBD armor which will give a % of health back depending on the amount of
       pieces a player is wearing

      -Custom boss masks have been created by Corey and packed in. These Masks will be dropped by their respected GWDS boss
       (General Graardor mask, Commander Zyliana Mask, K'ril Tsutsaroth Mask and the Kree'arra Mask)
       These masks will be COSMETIC items.

      -Support for Custom textures has been added
      -Some pathing issues when attacking monsters has been fixed
      -Some clipping issues at the home are have been fixed
      -Slayer tasks are now obtainable again