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    • -Fixed an issue causing players to crash sometimes when trading
      -Players can now create their Infernal keys & pen Infernal mystery boxes again
      -Players will now obtain 10x more bloodmoney for doing any activety you earn it for
       ie. Pking, Wilderness Slayer, Any monsters or bosses in the wilderness, random chest rewards, Wilderness Event Bosses
      -Shop prices have been raised 10x to match the amount of bloodmoney being gained
      -Players can now empty Vials of water
      -hcim armor str bonus has been removed
      -ornament kits shop prices in the PVM shop have been fixed
      -The Twisted Crossbow has been fixed
      -An NPC to clean herbs has been added
      -Players will not fail while fishing after 75 fishing
      -The Angler outfit will now give proper bonus XP
      -99 and 200M announcements have been changed for modes
      -Ibans staff will now cast the ibans blast
      -The Dagon hai robe has been fixed
      -The skillcape emote icon will now display in the emotes tab
      -Vesta, Morrigans, Zuriels and Statius armors now look 100% better while equipped
      -Players can now "Tab" reply to players who are not on their friends list
      -Swift and Spellcaster gloves have been added to the Bloodmoney shop
      -Dicing messages have been cleaned up
      -Untradeable items will n longer dupe when a player dies
      -A null item has been removed from Mboxes
      -Players will only receive 1 Key at Event Bosses to prevent players from multi-logging for keys
      -Item Sheathing has been fixed for Kril's swords
      -The new Shopping tabs have been added in
      -Several npcs have been removed from the home area (old shop npcs)
      -The diary button in the quest tab is now purple instead of blue to better suit diaries



      dominion gloves.gifupdated statius.gif

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    • -The Event key has been recolored to Red
      -Teleport information has been added to the tele interface for most of the monster teleports
      -Fishing and Mining sprites have been added to fishing areas and mining rocks
       Players can toggle this in the "Advanced settings" menu in their Settings (the Cog) tab below
       their inventory
      -Revenant pets have been added as well as a pet for the Rune Dragon
      -The grand tree acheivement is now obtainable again
      -Steel knives diary diary acheivement is now obtainable
      -bonus global messages have been fixed up
      -Tele information has been added to the teleport interface
      -Some visual edits have been made to the teleport interface
      -The tbow has been buffed slightly while in raids (temporary, npcs are currently being fixed)
      -A new shopping interface has been created to cut down on a lot of npcs at the home area
       The new shopping interface will feature Tabs to quickly switch between shops and
       will cut down on 10+ NPCs filling up the home area
      -A gfx loop command has been written to loop through and find gfx for new monsters
      -Item definitions have been converted to load from json
      -The ::Dperks command has been added and will send players to the donator perks page
      -Players can now Prestige their skills via the Prestige manager (West of the home bank)
      -Players can now note and unnote Superior dragon bones
      -Exp lock has been fixed. type ::explock to lock/unlock gaining xp for skills
      -A command to toggle ground textures on and off has been added. ::groundtextures
      -The Chaotic crossbow now works with all bolts
      -Some changes have been made to the ::Yell command
      -Custom model ID's have been moved up 10k Id's to make room for new content
      -The newest OSRS data has been packed. Hydras, Drakes and Wyrms will be coming very soon!

      Coming very soon:
      Farming Guild

      1 of 3 forms the Alchemical Hydra will take on

      1 of 3 morphs the Hydra pet will take on

      Wyrm Slayer monster


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    • -Players can now empty Vials of water by using the right click "Empty" option
      -Castle wars has been started (Currently working n the team lobbies for it)
      -The bloodmoney shop has had some price changes & some new items added
      -Josik has been removed
      -Prayer books have been added to the PVM point shop
      -New items have been added to the Bloodmoney shop (wealth scroll, barrows items)
      -The infernal key + infernal mbx have been added to the Donaator store
      -Corrected a typo for the daily rewards
      -fixed the names of donator scrlls
      -The Infernal chest has a custom pet drop only aquired from here which is the infernal raids Jad (1:500 chance)
      -Fixed the Event chest size
      -Tarn's distance before he retaliates has been lowered by 1/3
      -Dragon battleaxe special attack has been fixed
      -Accuracy for the Twisted bow has been fixed



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