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    Lava Strykewyrm Guide -REQUIRE 93 SLAYER- -LOCATED IN WILDERNESS- Equipment & Inventory Setups I suggest using a setup similar to this for Lava Strykewyrms seeing as they're located in the Wilderness. Using Ranged or Magic equipment is probably your best bet for killing these, as it only allows them to use their Magic Attacks. I bring Ranging Potions, Super Restores, a few Saradomin Brews, and sharks just in case. You should ALWAYS bring a charged Amulet of Glory in your inventory so you can teleport at 30 Wild rather than 20. A looting bag is optional, I bring mine to collect all of the Seering Ashes that the Wyrms drop. (Seering ashes provide prayer XP just below superior dragon bones) I prefer to use a Stargaze Ring (Range) over a Ring of Wealth (i) because the Stargaze ring gives the same bonuses as an Archer's Ring (i) with a 10% droprate boost. While the Ring of Wealth (i) gives a 15% droprate boost, it lacks the Range bonuses. Before even entering the Wilderness, I always make sure to check what items I will keep upon death just in case of Pkers. How to get to Lava Strykewyrms and where to start To get to the Lava Strykewyrms, you can either use the Valius Teleporter located at home, or ::tp if you have that option available. Upon teleport, I suggest killing the Westernmost Wyrm or the Wyrms farther South so you have a slightly better chance to escape Pkers if needed. Killing the Wyrms While killing the Lava Strykewyrms, you should be activating the Protect from Magic, Preserve, and Rigour prayers. Protect from Magic is a must or you can be hit up to 50 damage. Preserve will allow your boosted stats to last up to 20% longer. Rigour will increase your Ranged Attack by 20%, Damage by 23%, and Defence by 25% Notable Drops Wyrm Scalp & Wyrm Heart The Wyrm Scalp´╗┐ can be combined with the Dark bow to create the Strykebow. ´╗┐ The Wyrm Heart can be combined with the Staff of Light to create the Staff of Darkness. These Weapons provide a 30% Damage boost while fighting Strykewyrms. -A special thanks to S C A R E D for allowing me to use his picture of the First Staff of Darkness in game- -Darren
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    Perfect guide! Gl on drops everyone.
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