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    Hey guys, here with a few quick fixes as well as some wings that i decided to throw in as they were finished! Also make sure not to miss out on the GAUNTLET EVENT! What's new Dragon wings Players can obtain 5 new dragon wings colored to each type of dragon. These wings offer 5-10 dmg to attacks while fighting against dragon type monsters Depending on the level of dragon will determine how often these will drop ie. drops from least common to most common: Green dragons - Green dragon wings Black dragon<brutal black dragon<king black dragon - black dragon wings Blue dragon<brutal blue dragon<vorkath - blue dragon wings Red dragon<brutal red dragon = red dragon wings Lava dragons - lava dragon wings Gauntlet Fixes The gauntlet crafting now takes the correct items to create all items Monsters within the gauntlet now have their correct health Herb ID's have been fixed within the gauntlet so players can now create potions Bows have been fixed and will now work with arrows equipped (minus crystal bows)
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