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    Ho Ho Ho! Santa is here in Valius! You may have noticed that a strange mountain has appeared to the west of Edgeville, apparently Santa has dropped his disguise of his workshop and needs the players help! Anti-Santa is at it again and with the help of his minions, he has stolen Santa's presents! To start this event; Make your way to Santa's house located on the north side of the mountain west of Edgeville. He will explain his problem to you and let you know that his presents have been stolen! He will also tell you how to recover them. There is a table in his house that you can exchange his presents for rewards! Anti-Santa is behind all of this but is hiding around Valius. He will spawn in a random location every hour and if you kill him, you will recover a large amount of presents and maybe some of Santa's more rare treasures that he will let you keep! Good luck and Merry Christmas from the Valius Team!
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    - Added Sandcrab spawns & combat definitions. - Added Cyclops & Reanimated armor combat definitions. - Added Lootbeams for valuable drops - Added Rainbow cape from RuneScape 3 as a cosmetic reward from voting - Added Sack of Effigies from RuneScape 3 as a reward from elite clues https://i.imgur.com/voRMwQp.png - Fixed players getting suck in some obstacles in the Wilderness agility course - Fixed the bank not opening properly after exiting the bank with the equipment tab open.
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    -Bank tabs & exit have been fixed -Raids 1 lobby now takes players into the raid -The Lava partyhat ID has been fixed for the Daily Rewards -SKILL EVENT new skills: Herblore & Farming -new item combinations: Amulet of Torture + Torture ornament kit = Amulet of Torture (OR) Bonuses: (+2 Str and +1 to attack bonuses compared to the Amulet of torture) Amulet of Anguish + Anguish ornament kit = Amulet of Anguish (OR): Bonuses: (+2 Prayer and +2 to Range bonuses compared to the Necklace of Anguish) Dragon Boots + Dragon boot ornament kit = Dragon Boots (OR): Bonuses: (+1 Str and Defence bonuses compared to Dragon boots) -Dragon boot ornament kit has been added to the PVM point shop -Torture and Anguish ornament kits have been added to the Boss point shop
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