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  1. We've been busy working on finishing up some of the content that has been missing from the Wilderness along with Kourend dungeon. We've also brought another developer onboard to speed development along for ValiusHD. Everyone welcome Delusional, the newest member to the ValiusHD team. -- Content additions -- Skotizo has been implemented fully with its machanics, along with dark totem parts. Crazy archeologist has been added. Chaos Fanatic has been added. Other fixes & additions Added Revenant weapons to their respective drop tables. Added Revenant ether to Revenant drop tables. Added Bracelet of ethereum. Added Justiciar armor set effect. Added Ballista' special attacks. Added text to Grand Exchange to show best offer currently available. Fixed drops occasionally not showing up. Fixed some trees not respawning properly. Fixed some fishing spots giving the wrong fish. Fixed ranged strength from weapons stacking with arrows/bolts. Adjusted health regeneration to match the new 1x hitpoints.
  2. - Added Sandcrab spawns & combat definitions. - Added Cyclops & Reanimated armor combat definitions. - Added Lootbeams for valuable drops - Added Rainbow cape from RuneScape 3 as a cosmetic reward from voting - Added Sack of Effigies from RuneScape 3 as a reward from elite clues https://i.imgur.com/voRMwQp.png - Fixed players getting suck in some obstacles in the Wilderness agility course - Fixed the bank not opening properly after exiting the bank with the equipment tab open.
  3. Can't wait to go public with this. I hope everyone will have as much fun playing it, as i have making it.
  4. Thanks for the updates my love. Sometimes i bring up theses posts in the middle of the night and jack off to them.
  5. I hope you guys are going to enjoy this as much as I am working on it.