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  1. -Fixed an issue causing players to crash sometimes when trading -Players can now create their Infernal keys & pen Infernal mystery boxes again -Players will now obtain 10x more bloodmoney for doing any activety you earn it for ie. Pking, Wilderness Slayer, Any monsters or bosses in the wilderness, random chest rewards, Wilderness Event Bosses -Shop prices have been raised 10x to match the amount of bloodmoney being gained -Players can now empty Vials of water -hcim armor str bonus has been removed -ornament kits shop prices in the PVM shop have been fixed -The Twisted Crossbow has been fixed -An NPC to clean herbs has been added -Players will not fail while fishing after 75 fishing -The Angler outfit will now give proper bonus XP -99 and 200M announcements have been changed for modes -Ibans staff will now cast the ibans blast -The Dagon hai robe has been fixed -The skillcape emote icon will now display in the emotes tab -Vesta, Morrigans, Zuriels and Statius armors now look 100% better while equipped -Players can now "Tab" reply to players who are not on their friends list -Swift and Spellcaster gloves have been added to the Bloodmoney shop -Dicing messages have been cleaned up -Untradeable items will n longer dupe when a player dies -A null item has been removed from Mboxes -Players will only receive 1 Key at Event Bosses to prevent players from multi-logging for keys -Item Sheathing has been fixed for Kril's swords -The new Shopping tabs have been added in -Several npcs have been removed from the home area (old shop npcs) -The diary button in the quest tab is now purple instead of blue to better suit diaries
  2. -The Event key has been recolored to Red -Teleport information has been added to the tele interface for most of the monster teleports -Fishing and Mining sprites have been added to fishing areas and mining rocks Players can toggle this in the "Advanced settings" menu in their Settings (the Cog) tab below their inventory -Revenant pets have been added as well as a pet for the Rune Dragon -The grand tree acheivement is now obtainable again -Steel knives diary diary acheivement is now obtainable -bonus global messages have been fixed up -Tele information has been added to the teleport interface -Some visual edits have been made to the teleport interface -The tbow has been buffed slightly while in raids (temporary, npcs are currently being fixed) -A new shopping interface has been created to cut down on a lot of npcs at the home area The new shopping interface will feature Tabs to quickly switch between shops and will cut down on 10+ NPCs filling up the home area -A gfx loop command has been written to loop through and find gfx for new monsters -Item definitions have been converted to load from json -The ::Dperks command has been added and will send players to the donator perks page -Players can now Prestige their skills via the Prestige manager (West of the home bank) -Players can now note and unnote Superior dragon bones -Exp lock has been fixed. type ::explock to lock/unlock gaining xp for skills -A command to toggle ground textures on and off has been added. ::groundtextures -The Chaotic crossbow now works with all bolts -Some changes have been made to the ::Yell command -Custom model ID's have been moved up 10k Id's to make room for new content -The newest OSRS data has been packed. Hydras, Drakes and Wyrms will be coming very soon! Coming very soon: Farming Guild 1 of 3 forms the Alchemical Hydra will take on 1 of 3 morphs the Hydra pet will take on Wyrm Slayer monster
  3. -Players can now empty Vials of water by using the right click "Empty" option -Castle wars has been started (Currently working n the team lobbies for it) -The bloodmoney shop has had some price changes & some new items added -Josik has been removed -Prayer books have been added to the PVM point shop -New items have been added to the Bloodmoney shop (wealth scroll, barrows items) -The infernal key + infernal mbx have been added to the Donaator store -Corrected a typo for the daily rewards -fixed the names of donator scrlls -The Infernal chest has a custom pet drop only aquired from here which is the infernal raids Jad (1:500 chance) -Fixed the Event chest size -Tarn's distance before he retaliates has been lowered by 1/3 -Dragon battleaxe special attack has been fixed -Accuracy for the Twisted bow has been fixed
  4. Hey guys, here with another patch of updates from Pat, James, Corey and I. -The price for Dboots (or) kit has been fixed in the PVM points shop and now sells for 250 Pvm points -Quest tab auto chat has been fixed -Tarn now does damage and will drop keys properl again -Players can now click "Tab" to reply to other players private messages -Extra vote tickets and bonus XP time is now calculated based on how many vote tokens are being claimed. -The vote token command has changed to ::reward and will claim all awaiting tickets automatically -Created a weapon sheathing class (TODO: Operating method for Sheathing) -A fix for players sometimes not seeing other players has been added -Players will no longer Disconnect while in Raids -Slayer points now display in the quest tab -Voting has now been fixed -Multiple accounts will not be allowed in the same raids lobby or raid instance -The Chaotic and Xeric crossbow now work properly -The twisted crossbow will now do 30% more damage while in raids 1 and trials of xeric -Damage for the twisted bow has been reduced slightly -Twisted bow drops from raids will now show as twisted bow on the global messages -The global announcement for the Vanguard pet now announces properly -A temporary command ::stuckraids has been added that will send you back to the starting room should you get stuck
  5. -Fixed an issue with some objects loading -Pets for every slayer monster & superior slayer monster have been created -Slayer monsters now drop smaller pet versions of themselves -Coords for several teleports have been fixed on the teleport interface -Teleport names have been added, the rest of the information tab will be coming very soon! -The Event boss will now drop keys and spawn the chest properly for all players -Fixed an issue causing players Dmg to the boss not to be reset after killing him -Tarn will now do damage during combat (Max hit is 35 with Melee, 15 with magic!) -A command for Event bosses has been added for admin+ players to spawn the event boss whenever they want -Removed all extra callings for Extreme xp rates -Players will now receive 30 minutes of 50% bonus XP when creating their account -Drop rates have been fixed for Classic/Extreme IM players -Players can now get the KBD cape after killing the king black dragon 1,000 times -Droprate bonuses can now be viewed in the Quest tab interface -A new tele gfx has been added in when players use the portal teleporter -Players can now create the Kodai wand using the kodai insignet -God bows have a 1:15 chance to 2x hit and the Zilyana's bow has a 1:5 chance to double hit when fighting monsters -God dhides & the warrior helm now require the correct stats to equip -Chambers of Xeric now have Kill count(KC) capes depending on the amount of kills you have. Capes start at 10KC and update at 25KC, 50KC, 100KC & 250KC -Players can now note/unnote Superior dragon bones -Kril's swords have been added Players can sheath/unsheath these sword (see the gif below) These swords have damage slightly higher than an Abyssal whip and will hit 2x per attack. The second hit will have a maximum hit half of the players current maximum hit -Kril's robes have been added in game with stats +10 above Ahrims robes -Kril's swords and robes have been added to Krils drops -The custom lobby area maps have been redone for each lobby room + a Teaser room has been added for the upcoming Theatre of Blood raid! Slayer Pets Superior Slayer Pets Kril's armor + Weapon sheathing (The beginning of weapon sheathing for Valius!) In other news.... -Kril's swords weapon sheathing is only a beginning to what we plan to do for weapon sheathing. -Theatre of Blood is currently in the works -If you have any suggestions, make sure to check out he SUGGESTIONS section of the forums! we do check these!
  6. Enraged Event Bosses -The event boss system has been finished and the first event boss has been added -Enraged Tarn (the event boss) will introduce Chaotic weapons into the economy -Enraged bosses will spawn every 1-2 hours -The christmas event has been removed from in-game -A new home map has been added for after christmas! -Players should no longer get stuck in Chambers of Xeric -Several dialogue fixes with Global messages (loot, events etc) have been fixed -Models for the Kril armor + swords(sheath/unsheath) have been added
  7. -Players will need to use the stairs to get out of raids 1 (after defeating olm, the crystals will be removed) -Fixed the issue causing players not to get rewards from raids 1 -Raids 1 rewards are now given when players climb the stairs to the west when the crystals are removed once -Players who enter the doors at the beginning of raids 1 will be teleported to the raids lobby first -The door has been resized so players can click it from any point in front of it -Lag at the home area has been fixed -Black spots around the map (ie. godwars) has been fixed -A new launcher has been released to fix issues with memory crashes and client not launching on Linux/OSX
  8. -The Dice bag, Justiciar Shield & new home portal models have been repacked -A second scene has been added to the login screen -Fixed Lands End & the hunter teleports -Silver, Gold and Coal ores have been removed from raid 1 drops Raids 1 fixes: -Fixed drops sometimes not being given to all players -raised the amount of herb drops + removed lower lvl herbs from raid drops -Added Bloodmoney, Gold Coins & Dragonbones to common raid 1 drops -Removed uncut gems from raid 1 drops -The infernal Harpoon has been added to raids 1 drops (1:15 to hit the table) -The Twisted Crossbow has been added to the Raids 1 drop table (Most powerful overall crossbow) -Fixed some dialogue with infernal key announcements -Players will now always receive drops while in raids 1 -Crystals will now be removed so players can use the stairs at raids 1
  9. -Several interface problems have been fixed -Support for multiple map scenes for the client login has been added -The Teleport interface will no longer display teleports from other tabs -Opening the teleport interface will no longer display a blank tab -Craw's bow will now do more dmg within the wilderness -The Salve amulet now does 15% bonus dmg to undead monsters (including revs) -Salve amulet (e) now does 20% bonus dmg towards undead monsters -Began working on a new boss "Tarn" Which will be a way to obtain the Salve amulet and Salve amulet (e) -Crystal key drops have been changed. no players will receive pieces of the keys at a 1:50 chance from all monsters a loop and tooth half will be needed to create a crystal key. (rates used to be 1:115) -The Barrows sword stats have been set properly and are now slightly above the Abyssal Whip -Players can now teleport to chickens & Nieves slayer dungeon (Stronghold Slayer dungeon) -Goliath gloves now require 1 Defence -KBD Gloves now give a +11 range attack bonus (just behind the Goliath gloves which at at +14!) -The starting tutorial has been updated
  10. -Droprates for Infernal Key pieces have been raised -The monsters name a Key piece drops from will now be displayed in the global message -The Sword of Valius (Starter Sword) will now have a 1:10 chance to do hit Twice -Experience rates will now be displayed in the quest tab + a quick chat has been added when you click it -Server sided teleports have been finished -We now have an amazing new client background and login box -row picks up coins -Fixed the Dchain from the Mystery Box -New Stock outfits from the Makeover mage have been added! -The new Teleport interface has been added in! It will be finished up within the next couple of days but works much better than the old one. *I was going to do a cache update and fix a few items but this took a lot longer than expected (currently 4:00AM+ on christmas) so ill be finishing it up tomorrow when i get home! sorry for the delays in advance!*
  11. Mod Divine

    PVM Maps

    Definitely a good one, great addition!
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    Hunter Guide

    NIce guide man, will help out some players for sure! keep it up 🙂
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    I am Salt

    Welcome 🙂 looking forward to seeing some of these videos!
  14. -The twisted bow now requires 70 Range to wield -The infernal Key + Mbox have been fixed and work 100% as intended (read the last update for more info) -The 4 new godbows + a few other items have been fixed up and have the proper names -The twisted bows accuracy has been lowered by 50% (way too accurate) -A perm Snow pile (for the length of the christmas event) to collect snowballs has been added just south of the Banks doors -Ultimate Ironman players now have access to the Vote & PKP shops -Firecape & Infernal cape Textures will now flow down -Fixed an issue with Dialogue going off the interface for the Wogw display in the Quest Tab
  15. Inferno Chest: The Inferno chest is a new chest found at the home area which requires an Inferno Key to open. In order for player to receive Inferno Keys, players must find 3 Key pieces dropped by all Monsters (1:250 rate) & Bosses (1:150 rate) Rewards: Zilyana's Longbow This is a new Custom bow Only available from the Infernal Chest + Zilyana Godwars loots. It has the speed of a Magic Shortbow (i) and range bonuses compareable to the Armadyl Crossbow. This bow also gives 15% bonus to damage towards Godwars bosses Bandos, Saradomin & Zamorak Godbows These bows are Only available from the Infernal Chest. The stats for these bows are slightly above the Crystal bow + they do not require arrows to shoot Dagon' Hai Robes These Robes are only obtainable from the Infernal Chest + the Donator shop. The stats for these Robes are slightly above Ahrims. In order to wear them, Players will need 75 magic and 75 defence Infernal Mystery Box This Box is only obtainable from the Infernal Check + the Donator shop. The contents of this box include 3 Mixes to Recolor the Infernal Cape and 4 Mixes to recolor the Firecape. *Players will need the Original capes to use the Mixes on* Party Hats Players have a 1:250 chance when opening an Infernal Chest to receive a double loot and receive a very rare Infernal Partyhat Coins and Bloodmoney Players have a chance to receive 5M to 30M coins and 300 to 750 Bloodmoney from the Chest -Master capes (200M exp capes) have been redone by Corey and now look 100% better! -Anti-Santa will now drop rewards properly -Anti-Santa's Scythe can now be obtained from Santas shop. visit his workshop by following the path west of the home area! -Rare drops from raids have been lowered to 1:15 and very rare drops have been lowered to 1:40 (were 1:30 and 1:75) -Christmas pets will not be displayed on the minimap anymore -Fixed a bug causing daily rewards not to reset after 16 days -Anti Imps damage has been lowered to a maximum of 4 -The home maps have been repacked server sided to fix any clipping issues -Kbd legs will now display when dropped by the king black dragon as a rare yell message & kbd gloves & boots ID's have been fixed -Players will receive Boss points from the King Black Dragon and Barrelchest -Players can now get 25-250 Bloodmoney from the Crystal chest -Ironman players can now purchase items from Santa's Shop Master capes (200M XP capes) Before: After: