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  1. Items you can receive from the crystal chest at ::home and ::dz* *The chance of receiving a common and uncommon drop at the donator zone is slightly higher than at home. Rare drops are not affected. Along with the l00t, players will receive 1 x uncut dragonstone per chest opened Common items (88.884% chance) Uncommon items (11.1% chance) 75,000-500,000 coins 1 rune platebody 1 rune platelegs 1 rune kiteshield 1 rune full helm 1 rune 2h sword 1 draggon dagger 1 dragon longsword 1 dragon battleaxe 1 dragon med helm 1-50 bronze bars 1-50 iron bars 1-50 steel bars 1-35 gold bars 1-25 mithril bars 1-15 adamant bars 1-7 rune bars 1-100 copper ore 1-100 tin ore 1-70 iron ore 1-100 coal ore 1-15 grimy ranarr 15 raw sharks 100,000-1,000,000 coins 3 crystal keys 1 medium clue scroll 1 dragon longsword 1 dragon battleaxe 1 dragon scimitar 1 shield right half 10 super restores (3) 10 saradomin brews (3) 15 cooked karambwan 20 sharks 1 11840 Rare items (0.016% chance) 1 in 6000 chance to obtain a partyhat
  2. do these sell to the shop for that price? or is this community price? i have a dragon harpoon that i would like to get rid of lmao, 100m in my bank would definitely be noice
  3. its Valius, but in HDDDDDD i'll make my way to the 718 once i max my main 😉 lookin good! especially that cape
  4. bilbo

    Barrows drops

    nice gains! only a couple of items left 🙂 hopefully you get everything in under 100kc
  5. bilbo


    thanks for fixing that spec bar. hadn't noticed till this morning. small but useful fix also can't wait to see who's going to go for the new armour :3, would be nice to see some stats on that bad boi Hopefully those who have been having issues logging into client will feel the change! keep it up yall ❤️
  6. this is a great idea. i'm currently trying to get a kraken task and it's taking a long time... it's all about making the task more accessible without turning the game into ezscape. seems like a decent way to remediate that 🙂
  7. quality updates as per usual. 🙂 and good luck to the classic thievers and runecrafters! do the boss caskets always give you a rare drop?
  8. THIS IS HILARIOUS and also the best idea i've heard all week!
  9. cool! so is the "cape with the stats of a firecape + avas, give a 5% droprate bonus & will also attract metal objects" a reward for this week? or is it the big reward at the end of the event?
  10. wow! yall are pumping out some quality updates! thanks for adjusting raids drops and can't wait to see the custom raid pat is working on 😄 also, i was wondering, do the drops from raids work the same way as in osrs? (obviously with the drop rate adjusted) i.e. : The chance of obtaining a unique loot can be calculated by performing the following steps: Calculate the chance of receiving a unique loot (number of points/7,125) Convert the result by (dividing result by 100) Calculate the chance of receiving a specific unique loot by dividing the weight of the item by the sum of the total weights (Item weight/84) Multiply the first result with the second result. For example, we will calculate the drop rate of a pair of dragon claws if the team has 413,250 total points: Chance of receiving a unique loot: 413,250/7,125 = 58%, or 0.58 Chance of receiving dragon claws from table: 3/84 (or 1/28) 0.58*1/28 = 0.020714, which equals a 2.0714% chance of receiving dragon claws. taken from http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Chambers_of_Xeric
  11. WOW! can't wait to grind 250 barrows chests for that sweet sweet sword great updates
  12. +1 this is awesome odin!! would love to grind this