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  1. You're awesome. Keep it up man!
  2. I'd prefer not to implement this system due to the fact that it takes the "supply and demand" aspect away from the economy. Some people may prefer to skill and this litterally puts a cap on what they could sell their resources for.
  3. We attempted to do this with the promotion of sayain. We did not allow him to spawn items for himself. He was basically a deeper support and could spawn even bosses. As soon as he was promoted he resigned and we still have a sour taste in our mouth from it. We hesitate to put people in these positions because once they have access to everything, they tend to stop playing. I wish we could give ::eventboss to mods but it is a much more powerful command than you realize. It could basically ruin the economy if someone untrustworthy got a hold of it and spawned event bosses for hours on end.
  4. Patrity

    Last Man Standing

    This is an awesome idea!
  5. Patrity

    ToX Overview

    This was more of a dev vlog post but some players may find this useful before starting with this minigame! 🙂
  6. It's very uncommon for us to promote to the highest rank from a player. I would suggest helping players out as much as possible in order to work your way through the ranks! Good luck!
  7. We have had a lot of players requesting to nerf the inferno. While I understand that players want to feel that accomplishment, keep in mind this makes the accomplishment not as rewarding if it was to be nerfed. Also keep in mind that the inferno rewards the best in slot cape so in the development team's eye's it should be one of the hardest pieces of content in game. Please vote and tell everyone you know to vote!
  8. Patrity

    Swap Usernames?

    I'll handle this 🙂
  9. You're the man! Keep up the good work and I look forward to more guides soon!