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  1. Ho Ho Ho! Santa is here in Valius! You may have noticed that a strange mountain has appeared to the west of Edgeville, apparently Santa has dropped his disguise of his workshop and needs the players help! Anti-Santa is at it again and with the help of his minions, he has stolen Santa's presents! To start this event; Make your way to Santa's house located on the north side of the mountain west of Edgeville. He will explain his problem to you and let you know that his presents have been stolen! He will also tell you how to recover them. There is a table in his house that you can exchange his presents for rewards! Anti-Santa is behind all of this but is hiding around Valius. He will spawn in a random location every hour and if you kill him, you will recover a large amount of presents and maybe some of Santa's more rare treasures that he will let you keep! Good luck and Merry Christmas from the Valius Team!
  2. Trials of Xeric is LIVE NOW! After one month of development, countless hours of testing, and tons of suggestions from you all, the players, Trials of Xeric is live and in game now! Trials of Xeric is a wave-based, team minigame/raid aimed at keeping you on your toes to manage your prayers and prioritization of kill orders. The minigame consists of 20 waves of monsters and bosses from Chambers of Xeric. Waves Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Final Boss Wave (Three bosses) Drop Tables Drop rates in ToX are based on the damage that you have contributed to the team. Rare drops include; Nex Armors (Torva, Pernix, Virtus), as well as the highly coveted Zaryte Bow! Drop Structure: Less than 4,999 damage dealt 1/100 Rare Drop Rate 5,000-7,999 damage dealt 3/100 Rare Drop Rate 8,000-9,999 damage dealt 5/100 Rare Drop Rate more than 10,000 damage dealt 7/100 Rare Drop Rate The new lobby map has also been released! To get to ToX and Raids 1, use the Valius Teleporter (or ::tp if you are a donator), select the minigames tab, and teleport to "Minigame Lobbies". You can tell which lobby is which by the decorations inside. If you find any shortcoming, bugs or potential improvements, please post them on the forums so that we can correct the issues as quickly as possible!
  3. We've had requests to publish the Raids 1 drop table. There are only three tables; common, rare and very rare. Each have several items. An item listed on the rare tables are not guaranteed at 1/30 or 1/70, that is just the chance to hit that table. Example: Twisted Bow chance: 1/70 to hit the very rare table, then 1/7. (1.43% chance to hit very rare table, 0.2% chance to get Twisted Bow Specifically) Rates: Rare - 1/30 Very Rare - 1/70 Common Drops: Death Rune Blood Rune Soul Rune Rune Arrow Dragon Arrow Grimy Toadflax Grimy Ranarr Grimy Irit Grimy Avantoe Grimy Cadentine 3052 Grimy Kwuarm Grimy Lantadyme Grimy Dwarf Weed Grimy Torstol Silver Ore Coal Gold Ore Mithril Ore Adamantite Ore Runite Ore Uncut Sapphire Uncut Emerald Uncut Ruby Uncut Diamond Lizardman Fang Pure Essence Clue Scroll Rare Drops: Staff of Light Elder Chaos Top Elder Chaos Robe Elder Chaos Hood Twisted Buckler Dragon Sword Ancestral Robe Bottom Dragon Harpoon Dragon Thrownaxe Very Rare Drops: Twisted Bow Dragon Claws Kodai Wand Dinh's Bulwark Dragonhunter Crossbow Ancestral Hat Ancestral Robe Top
  4. As everyone is aware, Divine and I have been on the lookout for a new community manager to take the reigns on in-game activities for the past week. We searched not only in our own community but also reached out to the entire RSPS community. At the end of the day, we could not find a better match for this position than someone that loves our community, and more importantly, someone that our community loves! Congratulations to Al! Mod Al will be his Community Manager account in-game and I'm sure he plans on getting everyone involved with activities as soon as possible! Al will continue to play on his Moderator account as well as to not lose all the progress he has made! We have another addition to the team as well! This user has been helping out immensely and I'm sure you have already seen his name as a contributor for on our most recent updates. Fox News has formally joined the development team! He has been a great asset to our team so for and I'm sure will continue to blow everyone away. With three full-time developers, expect to see the small QOL updates and bug fixes released much quicker now! I'm excited to see where Valius can go from here and the growth we have seen lately is just the start!
  5. With our server becoming more and more developed, we are in need of some front-end activity from a staff member in order to boost player activity and morale! We are seeking a special type of player who's only passion is to be a community leader. This staff member would essentially be in charge of the entire staff team and be a middle-man between staff and development. This person would also be, in the community's eye, a leader. We are needing someone to be extremely active in-game and we definitely understand that people have jobs, families etc.. This player would be expected to run events and activities actively with the player base. Traits that we are looking for: A natural leader Friendly Past experience with ours or other staff teams Active player It would be considered a bonus if this person also had basic knowledge of Java or at least understood how Runescape private servers worked in order to properly relay bugs/suggestions to the development team. It would also be a bonus if the user had the capability/past experience with streaming. If you have the capability and not the experience, I can help you get started as I do have extensive experience with streaming. If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please have them contact me on discord and send me a message containing the following information at a minimum. Name (IRL or IGN, whatever you prefer) Age How long have you played Runescape? How long have you played private servers? Have you ever been on a staff team? Have you ever run your own server? Please detail your experiences. (Referenced are a huge plus and also feel free to give them my discord!) We are excited to be taking Valius to the next level and we hope that you are as well! Discord: Patrity#6653
  6. Love this idea. I'm all for it, not sure about the price of each scroll but I like 1% per scroll and a maximum of 5-10% Also would be cool if these scrolls were tradable, would give skillers a way to make some good gold.
  7. I like this one, Not limited to multi imo though.
  8. I'd hate to put these into use and when construction does come out (it is in our plans) not be able to use the jars.
  9. HCIM Deaths have been reworked and the following are the ONLY safe death zones for HCIM; Fightcaves, Pest Control, RFD Miniquest, Raids, The Inferno, and Clan Wars. Deaths in any other area will result in the loss of HCIM status. Other updates: Fixed Bracelet of Slaughter price. It is now 10 slayer points. Skillpoints save on logout Clicking distance on well of goodwill and home portal have been fixed Packed two custom maps in the cache, one for an upcoming minigame, and one for a new donator zone Prices for ranger boots, ranger tunic, whip and fury have been slightly raised in the vote shop Added delay to agility obstacles to avoid XP abuse Fixed a loader issue that would create new cache folders in user's home directory Adjusted Moderator's title color for better visability Adjusted proc chance of some bolts Added more messages for the discord bot (rare drops, some pet drops, etc) fixed a bug with superheat that led to XP abuse.
  10. Today's most notable update was the addition of the new Discord Bot! This bot announces in discord when notable events within the server take place such as; when players receive rare drops, when the Well of Goodwill is filled, when a wildy pursuit boss is up, and when players hit 99! Prospecting has been added for all ore rocks as well, by player request! We have also put out serveral bug fixes including: Fixed copper rocks at home. Fixed XP given for enchanting bolts Fixed Fishing outfit bonus adjusted Hellhounds drops to give more supplies ::bank command no longer requires $101 donated, now at $100 as intended. Ruby bolt special will now hit 20% of enemy's remaining HP, and slightly more often. Bracelet of Slaughter is priced properly now. Skill points should now save on logout Skill points have been added to most skilling activities Several safe spots have been added for HCIM.