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    Hi I'm Bale!

    Welcome buddy!
  2. I don't condone skull tricking or any methods of that sort, but I agree with you about the Wilderness in general. Everyone who plays OSRS should know that your safety is no longer guaranteed once you set foot in the Wilderness. As Valius grows as a community, there will be more and more Pkers, hence increasing the Wilderness activity. I understand losing your items, your status, or just dying in general to other players is unpleasant, but at the end of the day, players should know that was a possibility when making the decision to be in the wilderness. Not everyone is a PVM player, and just because they aren't and enjoy PVP or Pking, it does not necessarily make anyone toxic. Toxicity ONLY brews when players start flaming one another, remember that. We are aware that there may be some underlying issues with the wilderness, but until they have been confirmed, I would rather players not accuse each other of bug abusing and what not. The case may be that, they didn't know about it either. Sometimes, you just gotta take the L and walk away. Pick your battles my friends.
  3. Welcome to the team Eggy! We all look forward to having you here!
  4. Such juicy content! I can't wait to try these out! Great job Dev team!
  5. Alvin


    Gl with the clan! Great to see this type of stuff!
  6. A majority of the GWD boss's rare drops were not displaying, if not at all. That amongst other things.
  7. Alvin


    Welcome friend! We could use some more HCIM. Not enough people are willing to take the challenge! Glad you are! Beware of Wildy.
  8. Nice starter guide Return! It's always nice to see fellow members help others with guides like these. Stay awesome!
  9. Can definitely see where you are coming from with these points. We will see what we can do to help yo and future HCIM.
  10. I can't believe we are in our final week of the Skilling Competition! This week will conclude the skilling competition that has been ongoing for a little over 2 months now. Last weeks skills were Farming and Herblore. The winners are listed below: Farming: 1st Place: Thirdage (24,282,855 XP) 2nd Place: Not Al (1,009,445 XP) 3rd Place: N/A Herblore: 1st Place: Thirdage (14,195,915 XP) 2nd Place: Not Al (291,250 XP) 3rd Place: N/A This weeks new skills are Crafting and Hunter! Lets finish this competition strong! Goodluck everyone!
  11. Hey Everyone, I know this is a little bit late, and I do apologize, but here are the winners for last week's skilling competition. Thieving: 1st Place: Thirdage (15,875,870 XP) 2nd Place: Bonk (13, 693,605 XP) 3rd Place: Not Al (5,500,200 XP) Runecrafting: 1st Place: Bonk (30,032,060 XP) 2nd Place: Thirdage (17,236,560 XP) 3rd Place: Not Al (10,537,930 XP) This weeks new skills are Farming and Herblore. The skilling competition will end with next week's skills. Good Luck!
  12. Hey Guys, I can probably say that after a week, we are all sick of looking at trees and logs. With Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Fletching, we have a total of 9 Winners. The winners are listed below: Woodcutting: 1st Place: Thirdage (28,908,340 XP) 2nd Place: Bonk (14,776,055 XP) 3rd Place: Classic Tale (13,047,475 XP) Fletching: 1st Place: Not Al (25,364,650 XP) 2nd Place: Thirdage (17,116,655 XP) 3rd Place: Bonk (9,704,045) Firemaking: 1st Place: Thirdage (19,008,895 XP) 2nd Place: Not Al (5,869,460 XP) 3rd Place: Bonk (5,313,470 XP) This weeks new skills are Thieving and Runecrafting. Both skills will be released upon an upcoming update today. Thank you for your patience, and good luck!
  13. Hey Everyone, Come December, we will be starting our Youtuber Rewards System. This reward system's main purpose is to give incentive and reward Valius Content Creators for their work. Examples of videos include, but are not limited to: Money Making Guides, Skilling Guides, PvMing Guides, Boss Guides, Pk Videos, Progress Videos/Series, etc. * Rules & Guidelines * 1. Videos must be At least 4 Minutes Long, and Must Contain Valius Gameplay. Submissions w/ no effort will not be considered. 2. Videos must be recorded at 30 FPS or higher to ensure quality viewing. 3. Videos must have "Valius RSPS" somewhere in the title and must Contain a Link to Valius. 4. Videos MUST NOT contain a watermark in it (Bandicam, Camtasia, etc). I recommend using OBS, Hypercam2, or other software. 5. Videos MUST NOT contain any form of bad mouthing or slander about Valius or it's community. Any video with such content will not be considered. 6. Ideally, your video should be your content and nobody else's. Any form of Plagiarism Will Disqualify You From Receiving Rewards. 8. Have fun! * How To Apply * 1. Log-in to your Valius Forums Account. If you don't have one, you can sign up here. 2. Once logged in, navigate to the Server Media Section, and submit your application titled "(Username) YouTuber Application" in the following format to the YouTuber Rewards Submissions section. IGN: Video Title: Video Length: Video Link: 3. Once your application has been submitted, I will let you know if it has been approved or denied. You are then encouraged to move your post accordingly to their intended sections under the Guides thread. * Perks and Rewards * Every qualifying video submitted will earn you a 7 Day YouTuber Rank and 10 Valius Tokens. After the 7 days is over, the server will automatically strip you of your YouTuber Rank, if you do not re-submit a video/application. There is no limit per se as to how many times you can submit a video or application. However, only 1 video can be submitted at a time. ~ GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN EVERYONE ~
  14. Personally, I love this idea. It's pretty damn unique, as I've never seen it talked about or suggested before in all my time on RSPS's. It'd be cool to have lol.