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  1. Bump lol. It's been a long ass time since I posted this. FeelsNostalgicMan.
  2. Al's 1 to 99 Crafting Guide Greetings my fellow Valius players! Crafting is an important skill within Valius, that all players should aim to get 99 on. If you're an Ironman Player, you should definitely get 99 crafting, as you have to hand make everything. The crafting skill allows for players to make various items such as d'hide armor, jewelry, slayer helmets, bowstrings, and battle-staves for high alching. So without further ado, here is how to get 99 Crafting on Valius. * DISCLAIMER: This guide is for normal players. Xp rates will differ based on game mode * Skilling Teleports To start off, head to the home area using the "Home" teleport. Then head to the Yellow Portal below and click on it. For crafting specifically, you should teleport to "Lands End" under the "Skilling" teleports. Tanner NPC Once there, Run south to the pier and you should find an NPC called "Tanner". Upon trading him, you will find that he is your one-stop shop for all, if not most skilling supplies. He also tans hides at the cost of GP, so don't forget to bring those gold coins. Levels 1-20 For the initial levels, you will need to make items using thread, needles, and leather. To make leather you will have to buy cowhide from the tanner and tan them for 1GP each. Getting level 20 crafting should only take about one inventory of leather. Levels 20-99 From level 20 onwards, the easiest and most efficient way to 99 will be via cutting gems. You must buy a chisel and use it on various gems to cut them for experience. Below is a list of what gems you can cut at specific levels, and how many you need to cut to get to the next level gem. Sapphire: Level 20 (Must cut ~7 Sapphires to get to Emeralds) Emeralds: Level 27 (Must cut ~10 Emeralds to get to Rubies) Rubies: Level 34 (Must cut ~24 Rubies to get to Diamonds) Diamonds: Level 43 (Must cut ~64 Diamonds to get to Dragonstones) Dragonstones: Level 55 (Must cut ~5,370 Dragonstones to get 99 Crafting) Don't worry about the GP, as YOU WILL PROFIT from cutting gems anyways. Just simply sell back to Tanner and buy some more. Good luck on 99 Crafting guys and gals!
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