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  1. I can't believe we are in our final week of the Skilling Competition! This week will conclude the skilling competition that has been ongoing for a little over 2 months now. Last weeks skills were Farming and Herblore. The winners are listed below: Farming: 1st Place: Thirdage (24,282,855 XP) 2nd Place: Not Al (1,009,445 XP) 3rd Place: N/A Herblore: 1st Place: Thirdage (14,195,915 XP) 2nd Place: Not Al (291,250 XP) 3rd Place: N/A This weeks new skills are Crafting and Hunter! Lets finish this competition strong! Goodluck everyone!
  2. Hey Everyone, I know this is a little bit late, and I do apologize, but here are the winners for last week's skilling competition. Thieving: 1st Place: Thirdage (15,875,870 XP) 2nd Place: Bonk (13, 693,605 XP) 3rd Place: Not Al (5,500,200 XP) Runecrafting: 1st Place: Bonk (30,032,060 XP) 2nd Place: Thirdage (17,236,560 XP) 3rd Place: Not Al (10,537,930 XP) This weeks new skills are Farming and Herblore. The skilling competition will end with next week's skills. Good Luck!
  3. Hey Guys, I can probably say that after a week, we are all sick of looking at trees and logs. With Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Fletching, we have a total of 9 Winners. The winners are listed below: Woodcutting: 1st Place: Thirdage (28,908,340 XP) 2nd Place: Bonk (14,776,055 XP) 3rd Place: Classic Tale (13,047,475 XP) Fletching: 1st Place: Not Al (25,364,650 XP) 2nd Place: Thirdage (17,116,655 XP) 3rd Place: Bonk (9,704,045) Firemaking: 1st Place: Thirdage (19,008,895 XP) 2nd Place: Not Al (5,869,460 XP) 3rd Place: Bonk (5,313,470 XP) This weeks new skills are Thieving and Runecrafting. Both skills will be released upon an upcoming update today. Thank you for your patience, and good luck!
  4. Hey Everyone, Come December, we will be starting our Youtuber Rewards System. This reward system's main purpose is to give incentive and reward Valius Content Creators for their work. Examples of videos include, but are not limited to: Money Making Guides, Skilling Guides, PvMing Guides, Boss Guides, Pk Videos, Progress Videos/Series, etc. * Rules & Guidelines * 1. Videos must be At least 3 Minutes Long, and Must Contain Valius Gameplay. Submissions w/ no effort will not be considered. 2. Videos must be recorded at 30 FPS or higher to ensure quality viewing. 3. Videos must have "Valius RSPS" somewhere in the title and must Contain a Link to Valius. 4. Videos MUST NOT contain a watermark in it (Bandicam, Camtasia, etc). I recommend using OBS, Hypercam2, or other software. 5. Videos MUST NOT contain any form of bad mouthing or slander about Valius or it's community. Any video with such content will not be considered. 6. Ideally, your video should be your content and nobody else's. Any form of Plagiarism Will Disqualify You From Receiving Rewards. 8. Have fun! * How To Apply * 1. Log-in to your Valius Forums Account. If you don't have one, you can sign up here. 2. Once logged in, navigate to the Server Media Section, and submit your application titled "(Username) YouTuber Application" in the following format to the YouTuber Rewards Submissions section. IGN: Video Title: Video Length: Video Link: 3. Once your application has been submitted, I will let you know if it has been approved or denied. You are then encouraged to move your post accordingly to their intended sections under the Guides thread. * Perks and Rewards * Every qualifying video submitted will earn you a 7 Day YouTuber Rank and 10 Valius Tokens. After the 7 days is over, the server will automatically strip you of your YouTuber Rank, if you do not re-submit a video/application. There is no limit per se as to how many times you can submit a video or application. However, only 1 video can be submitted at a time. ~ GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN EVERYONE ~
  5. Personally, I love this idea. It's pretty damn unique, as I've never seen it talked about or suggested before in all my time on RSPS's. It'd be cool to have lol.
  6. Hey guys! Another week has gone by and the competition for the Mining and Smithing skills have ended. The winners for Mining are listed below: 1st Place: Thirdage (31,265,585 XP) 2nd Place: Bonk (25,768,155 XP) 3rd Place: Not Al (13,676,790 XP) The winners for Smithing are listed below: 1st Place: Not Al (15,504,120 XP) 2nd Place: Thirdage (13,342,810 XP) 3rd Place: Bonk (10,370,485 XP) Congratulations to all the winners! This weeks new skills are Woodcutting, Fletching, and Firemaking. Good luck everyone!
  7. Hey Guys, Last week's skills for the weekly skilling competition were Slayer and Agility. The winners for Slayer are listed below: 1st Place: Not Al (18,915,685 XP) 2nd Place: Thirdage (18,630,715 XP) 3rd Place: Mountain (405,756 XP) The winners for Agility are listed below: 1st Place: Thirdage (5,412,945 XP) 2nd Place: Bonk (3,443,175 XP) 3rd Place: Mountain (366,375 XP) This weeks new skills are Mining and Smithing. See you guys next week! Good Luck Everyone!
  8. Hey Everyone, I have a very special event planned for you all. The name of the event is "The Great Wilderness Escape". Although, I am the brains behind this event, Mod Fox has been working incredibly hard on this event, so without him, this event wouldn't be possible, or nearly as awesome. The date of the event is TBD, so stay tuned for updates. Prior to the start of the event, I will teleport to the volcanic bridge in deep wilderness with 10k Health and 10k Pray. A 3 minute period will be given for players to gear and strategically place themselves. After the 3 minutes, I will enter a command and start the event, triggering a global announcement. There will be total of 7 checkpoints that I must run through before I can exit the wilderness. These checkpoints have been placed near several wildy bosses and areas within the wild, giving players the option to either camp out the checkpoints, or chase me from the beginning. To successfully pass the checkpoint, I must perform an emote on the checkpoint, in this case it will appear as a flag, before I can go to the next one. Upon passing a checkpoint, an announcement will be made stating which checkpoint I am at. Once I die or make it out of the Wilderness, the event will be over. *PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS IN DEEP WILDERNESS. DO NOT BRING ANYTHING YOU AREN'T* *WILLING TO LOSE. THERE WILL BE PKERS WITH THESE TYPES OF EVENTS* You are welcome and encouraged to bring all sorts of methods to prevent me from escaping the Wilderness. Freezes and Binds will be extremely important for this event if you want to succeed in killing me, as I will not be allowed to teleport out or fight back and must resort to running. If you all succeed in killing me, I will be hosting a Goodie-Bag giveaway afterwards at home. All participants will receive 1 Mystery Box and 500 Blood Money after the event, regardless of the result. The be considered a participant, you must have dealt damage to me during the event. ~GOOD LUCK & SEE YOU ALL THERE PLEBS!~
  9. That's very nice of you to take the time to explain the drop tables! This will definitely be useful for old players and new players alike. Gl everyone!
  10. Hey Everyone! Last week's skill for the Skilling Competition was Cooking. Tons of fish were cooked and burned, but in the end there could only be 3 winners. The winners of the Cooking Skill are listed below: 1st Place: Bonk - 86,579,370 XP 2nd Place: Thirdage - 67,840,740 XP 3rd Place: Not Al - 13,681,830 XP Please PM me ingame and I will give you your prizes. This weeks new skills are: Agility & Slayer Goodluck and Happy Skilling!
  11. Its as if just yesterday you and i were bsing about me getting lured, than I saw you get promoted to a minor staff member, we lost all the gear we worked for in the Server change now...well man, I could not see anyone be more suited for the position of Community Manager, I hope when I swing on from time to time to cause a little chaos you better be there with the water hose to put the flames out. ❤️ Congrats again!

    1. Mod Al

      Mod Al

      I appreciate the love man. We’ve come a long way since the reset, and I’m just kinda bummed you haven’t been able to be here with us. It’s all love, and I’ll try my best to keep the betrayal levels to a minimum. Hop on every now and then and hang with us at your leisure. I’ll be coming to you for guidance too, so don’t abandon me lol. 

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    Omega lul. Good ole days.
  13. Yoooooooooo! This is mad old hahaha! @THICC Ghost
  14. That's what Ezreal says nerd. APPLICATION DECLINED FOR BEING UNORIGINAL 🙂 Kappa
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    Valius Price Guide

    I'm not too sure on those items to be honest. I'll have to ask around ingame. But with cosmetics like those that are obtained with non GP currency, it really is dependent on how much the player wants to buy/sell it for.