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  1. it is definitely something different, but could be a cool way of gambling tbh.
  2. i know this has been brought up before, and i think it will be a small nice thing to see being implemented, makes it so you don't have to look which one you've completed everytime
  3. Would be nice to see something like this, Doing regular barrows can get really repetitive, would be a nice switch up.
  4. Awesome updates, some great work right there! :)
  5. basicly stopped when i found out about the source change, taking time to rest, to come back to make a classic ironman instead when the new source is out, that will make sure i never run out of things to do, atleast for a very long time! :)
  6. This is what i've managed to get since the start of the competiton, Im really excited for whats about to come, and i will ofcourse stay and make some mad gainz on the new Valius! :) #Swag
  7. Im sure this will turn out for the better! :)
  8. Requesting normal donator here on the forums
  9. Really looking forward for this! :)