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  1. Yooooo, does this include purple and cyan helms? (Skotizo Dark Claw and Vorkath head)
  2. Very cool stuff, hopefully people actually do raids now instead of complaining they don't get a drop every single raid. Man, I can't wait to get a Staff of Lifht.
  3. Odin

    Slayer Suggestions

    I, too, can attest to the rarity of Kraken tasks. My approach was a little less direct, to still allow the randomness of Slayer tasks. I think some sort of 'preferred' task system could be implemented, allowing the player to choose their favorite tasks in much the same way they would block tasks. It would just have the opposite effect. Another idea would be a useable item dropped from superior monsters that players can use while on a certain task and choose how many monsters they want to kill by inputting a value up to 500. These could be scrolls of some sort. 'Master slayer scrolls'. Who knows. Maybe put them in the slayer store. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Fantastic update. This post has me very excited for what's to come. Great work, man.
  5. Are you only suggesting the training method? Or would the benefits of bonfires apply as well. Like in RS3? (Increased max HP for a certain amount of time) Cause that would be nice. I like the 'oldschool' method my self. However, bonfires are a nice alternative. I support. As long as both methods are available to train.
  6. Tradeable scrolls, now that's an idea. However, we still run into the same problem we had with my suggestions. Normal mode accounts have a significant advantage over other modes because of the faster exp rate. They could just farm up scrolls and sell them like hotcakes. Like I said in my post. This wouldn't be an issue if you set the requirements for prestiging to individual skill exp (based on game mode), rather than level. A short example might be: Normal @ 150m-200m Extreme @ 50-100m Classic(Eventually) - 15m-20m That way, no matter what game mode the player chose, they would experience the same grind for end game content as the rest. Which, I think, is the most balanced way to go about this feature.
  7. My man. Goliath gloves, hypeeee! Are you adding Spellcaster and Swift gloves as well?
  8. I can't tell if this is satire or not. The prestige system needs work, I agree. However, droprate is not the way to go. There are more than enough ways to increase your droprate currently. There is, in fact, a ::droprate command. The server-wide news announcements tells people this. I've posted about the prestige system before, have a look at my post and see what you think.
  9. My man. Sick updates as always. Yooo, that party hat idea was mine. 😛 Anyone who gets a party hat from crystal key chest now owes me a 'good idea' tax.
  10. Honestly, i think they'd look pretty cool. Think of that ghosty dark purple armor in the game. It'd be just that, but with Barrows items. And like we were talking about the other day, if you could somehow add the sparkle bits from magic trees on top of it, it'd look so bad ass.
  11. With the recent addition of the Barrows sword, I had an idea to add a new mini-game and rewards to go along with that theme. The mini-game is nothing new, but it'd be a nice challenge for these rewards. Rise of the Six The game itself is nothing new. It's been done before, but I think it can be improved. The basic idea is that the player fights slightly enhanced versions (usually more HP) of all six barrows brothers at once. This is not meant to be easy. My improvement would be to add waves. Wave 1-6 1- Ahrim the Blighted 2 - Dharok the Wretched 3- Guthan the Infested 4- Karil the Tainted 5- Torag the Corrupted 6 - Verac the Defiled Wave 7-9 7 - Torag the Corrupted & Ahrim the Blighted 8 - Dharok the Wretched & Karil the Tainted 9 - Verac the Defiled & Guthan the Infested Wave 10 and 11 10 - Torag the Corrupted, Ahrim the Blighted and Dharok the Wretched 11 - Karil the Tainted, Verac the Defiled and Guthan the Infested FINAL WAVE Finally, after 11 waves of madness, the ultimate fight begins. You now face off against ALL 6 enhanced versions of the barrows brothers. After all of that destruction, you're probably expecting a reward? Rewards Not only do you have an increased chance at receiving a regular barrows item and large amounts of runes/skilling supplies, but also a very rare chance at receiving a Barrows Sword and an Enhanced barrows item. The enhanced barrows items have slightly increased stats over their lesser counter parts, as well as a +2 prayer bonus across the board. Making a full set grant up to +8 prayer. Like the Barrows Sword, they would be a ghostly purple color with particles flowing upward, drawing it's power from the earth.
  12. Denied. Thanks for playing paying, scrub.
  13. We're swimming in particles, boys. Great job.
  14. Awesome, update. Can't wait for the other diary items to be upgraded.