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  1. Odin

    Slayer Armors

    Another idea to go along with this would be to make the current slayer armor act in a similar fashion to void. Where, depending on the helmet you wear, it would grant extra bonuses to a specific combat style. Maybe flat damage for melee, attack speed increase for range and percentage max health damage for magic? Could be neat. Nice suggestion, Darren!
  2. I love these updates/hot fixes! Very good stuff!
  3. This is a cool idea! Looking forward to some sick ideas to come from this.
  4. Alright, this is so sick. Who wants to team up? You know ya boi is gonna max first.
  5. Odin

    Economy reset.

    It does seem like an easy way out, but I wasn't sure how many of you behind the scenes have spoken about or discussed the state of the current economy. Had I known about some of the things you've mentioned, I probably would of held off on this post. Regardless, I do think that something needs to be done as soon as possible. Just taking a look at the market chat on discord. Everything people are buying or selling tends to be in the 100's of millions range. When I maxed my classic account for the second event, I ended up with 1.4b gp and tons of boss drop items just from 1-99 slayer alone. The only actual drop I got from a boss was a serpentine visage from Zulrah, which I only did one task. Economy resets are definitely risky, but I think we have a loyal enough player base to pull it off. I've run a poll on this subject before and it was mostly positive. I would even go as far as to say it could even pull in more players. As far as I am concerned, Valius is still in beta. Least, it certainly feels that way. You add so much content so often, but there are so many bugs and QoL changes that need a lot of attention. Please fix the bugs. I'm happy to hear that there is discussion on this topic and I am excited to see what these changes and stabilizations are. I have great faith in you all.
  6. Odin

    Economy reset.

    I only put that in there because that's what we did when the source changed last time. (A year ago)
  7. Odin

    Economy reset.

    Let me start by saying that I love this server/community. I have been playing here for just under a year. A year. How many people stick with a single private server for a year? The answer is none, because there aren't any out there worth sticking to. Except for this one. Valius hits the 1 year mark next month. It's honestly a huge milestone. That's generally the milestone servers fail to hit just before they go under. We made it, baby. I want to keep seeing this server grow and believe me it can. It has so much potential. It just needs proper care and a sweet coat of paint. The main point of this post is to suggest a full economy reset. That also includes a number of small changes that need to be made to ensure the health an longevity of a new, player run economy. Let's get started. Every account is reset. All stats, achievements, items, wealth. It's all gone. Everyone gets a fresh start. Any amount donated will carry over and be doubled (may change) for sticking around after the reset. This will only apply to your total amount donated, you will not get the tokens to spend again in the donator shop. All point shops need an overhaul. Mainly PVM, Boss and Skilling. The barrows equipment should be removed, the dragon tools and the void armor as well. Add perks to purchase with PVM/Skilling/Boss points such as all drops/raw materials go straight to your bank for an hour. Boss instances for so many points or double drop amount for next 10 kills. All boss drops should be removed from the slayer key drop table. All gold drops you get from Mystery boxes, PVM caskets, random rewards, Raids, etc should be halved or even removed completely. General store prices should be adjusted across the board to better suit a new economy. All rare item drop rates should be nerfed by at least 20%. Making rare drops...well, rare. This includes raid items and absolute end game items like Nex armors. If any one has any other suggestions, please feel free to comment below and I will add them. I don't want to see this server crash and burn. I think if we let the economy continue down it's current path, that's exactly what will happen. Everything will become so inflated and nothing will have any value anymore. I strongly believe that something needs to be done and this is the best course of action for the future health of the game.
  8. Fresh meat! Congrats on the promotions, folks! I hope you're not scared of the responsibility. Good luck! 😄
  9. Be mindful, young padawans, these suggestions are specifically for the trimmed comp cape. All achievements completed. All Diaries completed. Collect 10 pets. Complete every slayer task in the game at least once. Obtain a set of graceful in every color. (Btw you should add a Valius themed graceful set. Some animated textures would be nice.) Learn all you can from the slayer masters. (Unlock all the good stuff. Slayer Helm creation, superior NPC encounters, etc..) Donate 2147M coins to the well of good will. Prestige all of your skills at least once. ( I would highly recommend a prestige rework along with this one.) Obtain all max cape variations. Raise your Construction from level 1 to level 2. EDIT: Will add more as I think of them. Currently at work.
  10. Wooooo, boy. Fat update this one. Great job!
  11. My opinion is the only one that matters. Mod Divine: My man. Always seemingly in a good mood. Great dev with sick ideas. I've been with playing this server for a long time and it truly is because of him and the care he puts into this server/community. Too bad he's Canadian. 2/10 James: We don't see you in game much, but you're almost always around to help and ready to pop in when you're really needed. Thanks mayn. I can't wait to fondle 3 jads when you finish the Inferno rework. 3/4 Andy: Yo, where are you? 0/1 Corey: You do good models and stuff. Keep doing that. 3/72 Hunter: An ideal admin in my eyes. Great with the players and fills the role nicely. Keep up the good work. Community manager? 69/69 Bio Split: A little less active than a mod should be, but he's a good mod. Been around for a while as well. Good job. 5/* Nox: Also a little less active than a mod should be. Pump those numbers up, kiddo. 1.2/3 Darren: Very helpful to the new players Very active. Solid support. Give mod. 12/6 Jaycorr: Been around for a while. Pretty chill dude. Inactivity imminent. 6/6/6 34K: Never interacted with him. Not active enough. Probably shouldn't be a support. 0/0 Reaxys: Same. 0/0/0/0/0 TLDR; Staff is shit. Just make me owner and demote everyone else.
  12. Great updates! But.. RAIDS MASS LET'S GOOOO!!!!
  13. Congrats again, Hunter! I would use my lamp on you if I could.
  14. Odin

    Custom Pets

    Which base Npc model do you want to use from the pictures below: The blue and red bird looking thing. What accessory's would you like to use from the pictures below : None, but if possible, party hats with a purple animated texture of some sort. What color scheme would you like to go with for the base npc and accessories : Black and grey and light grey. I have some additional comments/requests. I'll contact you on discord.
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