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  1. Excited for this event I am down to grind it out! So for people who decide to use normal account game mode they have the uphand correct since they are able to use trading post and buy from vendor shops? Or do IM classic modes have a bonus of some sort to compete with normal game modes? Nevertheless Goodluck everyone!
  2. Ironman/Donator Thanks 🙂
  3. Fox News


    Lol this had me dying thanks for share
  4. Thanks for making this! Focusing on my Iron Man at the moment but when I focus on my main this will be very helpful!
  5. Welcome George! We have talked in game and done a Shit ton of PC together you are a cool dude!
  6. Hi Everybody! My name is Brandon, I am 23 years old and new to Valius! I am a huge fanatic of RSPS's! I have been playing and developing rsps's for 7 years! *Retired from developing* but I still love to play them! I am a pretty chill dude that likes to talk A LOT which I am sure you will figure out if you are online at the same time as me! I just created an account as a regular Iron Man! I love to skill so you will probably catch me most of the time just trying to get a huge bank making&gathering a bunch of items! A little about me I am majoring in CS and currently developing a 2d rpg game in Java when I am not playing rsps's or Fortnite! I will post a few pictures of it below 😄 I am excited to get to know all of you a lot more and play all of the exciting features Divine and the rest of the staff team as in store for us! Also, thanks everyone for the warm welcomes on here and in Game Chat!