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  1. if the raid boss pet not counted here mine then 😛
  2. can we get a npc they sell all the ores and gold and silver ore to would be great if you would do this
  3. anytime bro glad to have you Aussie pride my nigga :P
  4. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :D:D
  5. its a cape so I vote yes to start at boss as e4ster said its a rsps and people like it a bit easier to go gind on maxing or wat ever else there doing
  6. l000l :P hey nick :)
  7. can we have a npc that cleans herbs in noted and also add them to vail of water for a price to save a lot of time if possible?
  8. Nick

    Hunter ranks

    good job someone that's should of got the rank well done
  9. (aest) aussie time queensland
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