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  1. Bio Split

    Syd's Intro

    Welcome to Valius Syd!
  2. I like your name ! Welcome to Valius
  3. Cow pet lol. Goodluck everyone with the Valentine's Box!
  4. 99 fishing, also got a tbow from a raid
  5. And depending on what mode you are on it increases, maybe?
  6. Request your forum rank here: https://valius.net/community/index.php?/forum/20-rank-requests/
  7. Amazing post!
  8. So if youre lucky enough (like me) you'll get a tbow in under 100 raids :)
  9. Bio Split

    Hi I'm Bale!

    Welcome to Valius!
  10. Thank you for the good input dude. Definitely will forward this to the devs to make sure they see it.
  11. Would be a good addition, my idea is bird's nest from woodcutting that you can search and get items like RoW and infernal pieces. Maybe evn a partyhat, coins, RoW scroll, etc. Just need to brainstorm some more 🙂