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  1. https://prnt.sc/p7yml2 Got staff 😄
  2. Can we make this icon https://prnt.sc/p1bcf6 open the ::tp interface for Donators only?
  3. https://prnt.sc/p00nn8 First 50 raids done
  4. Star Sprite's MISSING(3821) Ability to exchange stardust for multiple boxes at once. Stargaze Skilling Cape (Appears in inventory after mining 2,000,000 stardust) Star Sprite PET? (ULTRA RARE) Could give a boost of skill, damage, or drop rate Stargaze Boots // Stargaze Wand or staff? Stargaze Ring Make Stargaze items mage related ... the magic dust Name the star sprite Dusty.. _+---+---+---+_ VOID KNIGHT // SUPREME VOID // KORASI A QUEST to gain access to the VOID CHAMPION. +---+---+----+ Annoying Pets i always accidentally click. Make a pet claim command ::petclaim so pets are not clickable. then you wouldn't have to add pet dialogues! For Mods: Allow to use "Mod" in title.
  5. Actually works... no exp waste .... 🤯
  6. I think pet dialogues would make Valius one step closer to looking more complete. These could be custom or just use the osrs dialogue.. would be a fun project for the devs!
  7. Feel free to comment why you votes yes/no!
  8. Remove drop trading abilities from ironman players? This could help the economy by limiting players that choose ironman mode giving items to other players. Just a suggestion we were having a discussion about 🙂
  9. Big Shoutout to GHANDI and IM HIGH, here's a tbow dorp on my GIM!!!! Loveee yall.
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