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  1. Don't forget to vote for XP Boost!
  2. Bio Split

    White Dragon

    yes, yes,, YES!!!
  3. Bio Split


    ya i watch it from time to time, i like it :P
  4. Those 200m capes look good
  5. awhhh youre the best lmao
  6. Dunno if someone got a vesta drop yet, but http://prntscr.com/on90zb
  7. Congrats' yall. Much love to you guys for doing so much for our community!
  8. The Katana is a nice sword that (I think should) need to offer more incentive to use. Instead of just looking really awesome, it should be awesome. Compared to other weapons it's not enough to survive in Valius (in my opinion). ~Thanks, Bio
  9. Achievements, one by one, day after day. 12/23/2018 (day 1) First day 2000 out of 5000 fish. (http://prntscr.com/lyuv5v)
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