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  1. Now, down here in ol' Tennessee we fight chickens to the death. and people bet money And if we could add a minigame where we can fight our chickens to death over money that would be amazing. Maybe some custom construction, like a chicken pen to level up your chickens. and then custom talon spikes for them, like bronze iron black white mithril admant rune dragon third age pokemon go this shiit or something where we can walk around runescape and catch new chickens or just like gertude where you get the free cat, everybody get's a free chicken to fight
  2. Reward players for getting their friends to play, Valius tokens, in-game items & money.. forum ranks. A whole entire referral system added to the game.
  3. I heard from a friend that Xbox is coming out with a new console that doesn't have a disc reader, you just download all the games onto it.
  4. I hope you all ate well and had a good day
  5. I will make you a signature or avatar for 2 million GPz. One or the other, but you can get both in a package price for 3 millionz GP. Holiday delays (Thanksgiving) I will try my best for each of you I'm switching programs because Photoshop costs too much.