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  1. Hey just interested in seeing what players want to see in terms of direction of updates.
  2. first iron with 99 fishing elite mode
  3. While i get your points and see were your coming from i have to make a few points of my own First: Tier 90s in a box will not happen again it was a bad decision overall. Second: The xp scrolls will no longer come from things other then skilling minigames and activities. Third: We do not rig our systems to give boxes a better chance at rewards. Fourth: We are looking into how we do donation items and talking through how it can be made fairer but the server needs to be supported some how so sometimes its hard to restructure something that's necessary for prolonging the server that being said we will no longer offer "perked" items as limited time only rewards they will have no more power then the original item just have a limited time reskin. Fifth: To all reading this i'm available for direct message on discord to voice your concerns about things like this.
  4. Hey guys so i'v been going through suggestions a lot lately taking bits and pieces from peoples suggestions for models to add and passing your ideas along to mod divine for stuff to add as well so i thought i would add a mini reward system for weekly top suggestions. How it works? The team will pick 3 suggestions a week from the suggestion section on the forums the more creative the better. What happens with the suggestion? The team will more then likely add it in some type of variant using your idea has a baseline for the content. Rewards? First place: 20 donator tokens Second place: 15 donator tokens Third place: 10 donator tokens Stuff iv already done from the suggestion section White dragon (credits: Darren). Enhanced barrows armor (credits: Darren). Different variants of the textured max cape (credits: Bio split). Infernal urn (credits: Daddy). Previews:
  5. Hello, here you can find information on custom pets, how to get them and what you can customize them with. How do i get a custom pet? Trade Corey a pet token from either donating or receiving it as a reward from various events and fill the form out below. Information: All custom pets come with a base 10% drop rate increase. Only 2 pets will be accepted at any given time please refer to the bottom of the post to see availability before you purchase. You may make custom requests by talking to Corey over discord or in game these custom additions are very limited though. Forms will be accepted when a available slot is open. Please don't go overboard with color's as i will decline your form temporally until edited to a suitable color scheme. Pet tokens: Pet tokens will soon be available in the donator shop for 120 tokens and will also be given out by youtubers or events. Form: Which base Npc model do you want to use from the pictures below: What accessory's would you like to use from the pictures below : What color scheme would you like to go with for the base npc and accessories Suggestions: if you have any suggestions to add to the list of npcs or accessory's please add them to suggestion section of the forums. Base npc model examples: Base accessories model examples: Example: Availability: 2/2
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