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  1. I like the old firemaking method. It actually takes longer and you are more satisfied once you max it out, rather than just throwing logs onto a pile.
  2. Great suggestions. Nieve should be the only ones assigning boss task and Duradel should stick to only normal slayer monsters.
  3. Being on a ship wasn't all that bad, except going through passage ways. Being 6'4 I had to like bend down just to go through a door. These photos are from Iceland and Norway
  4. Hello, Im Vise, real name is Chad. Im 24 years old. I'm currently active duty military. I have been playing OSRS and RSPS for over 10 years now. I found Valius on Rune-server and something stuck out. So far I am really enjoying the server and community. I'm looking forward to joining the community and if you see me around the game, feel free to talk to me.