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  1. Yo Guys what up, Im Return my real Name is Andreas and im from Austria, na not Australia i mean the Country next to Germany. I am 18 yrs old and working as a Carpenter. Playing HCIM rn and im Rank 2 going for first HCIM Max and enjoying this Server lots. Hit me up with a PM if your lonely you will get some love by me <3. Return
  2. Like the Idea much 🙂 Support!
  3. Yo Guys, since i fell in Love with HCIM on this Server i want to make a little Tutorial and i will update it Step by Step until we are maxed :). HCIM is a fun gamemode it is easier to max then an UIM but you only got 1 Live and at Bosses that you kill for Resources (Zulrah, Vorkath) you gotta be very careful. Tips: +collect all grimy herbs and clean them for herb xp make, either make potions after a crawling hand/hellhound task or save secondaries up. +try to get a Event Key from every Tarn that Spawns (pray meele) and take depending on your cmb level some jug of wines with you. +pickup every Crystal key half you get +use Sword of Valius until you get tentacle whip + d defender because it is very good +pickup every Runes you get and if you do slayer you can passive alch something like feathers to get 99 magic without wasting time +pickup every Pure Essence you get mostly from Banshees task Things to get: 10m Cash (Thieving) - 84 Crafting (with Molten glass) - (you can get a Glory now but just get 100 PVM points and buy fury) - Black Mask -Rune Gloves - Fury (PVMP) -Torso (PVMP) - DBoots (PVMP)- Elite Void - Barrows Gloves - Your first 99s How to Start off: -- First of All you should start thieving until atleast 90: At x30 XP Rate you Should get about 10m Cash which is a nice Start for your account and Later you will need money for Crafting. I did train until 90 because then you can steal Jug of Wine which heal for 11 HP. I used them combined with Prayer to get max combat and 99 Slayer. -- After you got 90 Thieving you should Start Crafting: Non+50% xp it is about 2.8 GP per XP, you start off with Crafting because you get Skilling points. Those points you use to buy Dbones and get atleast 43 Prayer. If you Wish you can continue to Skill but in my Guide you will go Combat Path as next. 84 Crafting is required to make Full Dhide. Since Karils got took out of PVM Store you should go for 84 Crafting. This should sort you out with atleast 43 Prayer. -- Now you should start choosing, if you go for Max you can go the Skilling Path since this will make Combat easier with food and proper gear. Combat path is a little bit harder since you got no real good food except for Jug of Wine but it will also help you get Pure essence, Bars and Things for Skilling. Combat Path: --Start of at Tureal the Slayer Master and train your cmb. With higher Combat Level you can take better Slayer masters (Mazchna, Duradel) .At 58 you got your first Milestone Cave Horros they can be found in Rellaka Slayer Cave, you can get a Black Mask from them. You Should save up your Slayer Points for either a Slayer Helmet (350) or Cerberus (500). You can also get Slayer Staff which makes it possible to use the Slayer Dart Magic Spell (50 Mage req). --At about 80 Combat Stats you should do RFD until you get rune Gloves for extra Strength and Accuracy. --Continue Training Slayer: At Level 58 you are going to gett a Black Mask which is dropped by Cave Horror (Relakka Slayer cave). --Save up your Points --Tasks like Fire Giants are good for Fire and Nature Runes, next to meeleing them you should alch the drops and feathers for 99 Mage. Max Path (Efficient Players): --Since your efficient you already did 99 Thieving 🙂 If you didnt now is a good Time to do so. --get as high Crafting as you can with the Money you got from 99 Thieving since you dont need it anywhere else (Save up about 1m). --Start of with Fishing and Cooking, this will get you sorted in PVMing. Until 62 Fishing (monkfish) Fishing is kinda harsh but gettint 62 isnt that hard so just ball through and get 99 Fishing and Cooking. --Now you can choose Any Skills which dont interact with any PVM Related drops (like Pure essence for RC), Mining, Agility, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fletching can be already trained to 99. I would wait for 99 fletching only get it to 80 since you get Magic Logs from Zulrah. Skills like Smithing you train until ur 99 Mining after that Drops from PVM should get you sorted 99. --SAVE UP ALL SKILLING POINTS- Buy Dbones with Points (3Points each). Depending on XP you will need 1000-2000 Dbones for 99 Prayer. Next i will focus on Skills themselves since you have a nice Guide on how to start off 🙂 Thanks for Reading Return
  4. Yo Guys im right now rank 2 Hardcore Ironman and im going for rank 1 and max. While i played for 3 days now i started to notice some things that are not how they should be and I hope they get fixed because it is lost potential on such a good well constructed rsps. -- Animations of some Monsters (Smoke Devil, Cave Kraken,....) : It just looks ugly when there is no proper animation -- Agility and Interaction with Doors, Stairs and so on (example doors and stairs in Slayer Tower): If you dont move in the proper spot you dont open the door or use the agility obstacle, Agility is dogshit it is one of the worst codes ive Ever seen it needs to get reworked heavily to make it worth being on this good Server -- Vorkath: Vorkath is kinda well just the spawn spawns very often like 15 times in 3 minutes, I'd say thats a bit much --A nurse in Home that heals u to 99 hp and takes poison from you, it is so annoying as ironman when you dont have antipoison yet and u get poked until it is gone --Ironman: It is very hard to get pure Essence for Rcing (in 300 abby demon kills 800 pure ess, in like 200 banshee kills like 600) would be nice because you already need runes until you get to Zulrah for the real pure essence drops Herblore secondarys are really really annoying to get, crawling hands drop 1-2 at a time, hellhounds arent also that much better, i think it should get a little buff --Zulrah i heared of many people that zulrah is very annoying and not well done (I cant say that because ive not done it yet) This are my suggestions to make the Server better, it is really nice and i love the concept of it. It should not be ruined by simple things like animation and interaction with doors. Thanks for reading Your Return