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  1. I wanted to go ahead and give you guys a general idea of what you could get from these. Hopefully this helps! They cost 6 donator tokens in the store each.
  2. Central for me as well! Good idea Niick
  3. Vorkath Guide SIDE NOTE: In my opinion Vorkath is at about 90% functionality there's just a few things that could be fixed but the devs are aware. With that being said, if you get planked don't be a salty nerd just power through it cause you'll get used to it and it will be easy. Getting There & Setup: Getting there is pretty straight-forward...Go to the teleporter and you'll find it under the "bosses" tab Setup 1 (No anti-fire shield): IF YOU HAVE SUPER ANTIFIRES THEY NEGATE ALL DRAGONFIRE DAMAGE With this setup you will be praying MAGE The whole fight since you don't have that extra dragonfire protection from a shield. If you don't have a tbow you can substitute it for a blowpipe as that is the only other 2-handed range alternative that would do any real damage. DO NOT forget to bring a salve. Vorkath is undead and that makes the salve BIS for this boss. You also need runes for crumble undead, I'd say bring a rune pouch but it's bugged right now so don't. If you don't have void just use your BIS range gear. Setup 2 (Anti-fire shield): With this method you'll be praying RANGE the whole fight since your shield and potion will protect you from dragonfire. Obviously the Tcbow is the BIS for this followed by the DHCB, Dominion Cbow then arma cbow. The Fight: HAVE QUICK PRAYERS READY FOR THE PINK FIREBALL Vorkath has 7 attacks but you only really need worry about paying attention to the fireball, pink dragonfire and the white freeze/spawn attack. If you used setup 1 then whenever you see the ranged attack be ready to eat. If you used setup 2 whenever you see the blue magic attack be ready to eat. It wont k0 you but it will hit you hard. When I kill vork I never stop running around the map after each attack or game tic so it's constant clicking. If you do this it basically eliminates the chance of you getting 1shot by the fireball pictured below. Whenever you see that white spawn switch to your mage book and be ready to use "Crumble Undead" on the spawn. The map pictured below kind of tells you where you could expect it to be if you divided Vork's area into 4 sections. Just stare at this picture for a second you'll get the idea. Phase 2: At about 320-350 HP vork will begin his "poison cloud" phase. Basically you just keep doing what you're doing and run around the map attacking him if you are a decent distance away from the clouds. It seems that when you attack him from certain angles your character will automatically start running towards him even if you're using range (pathing issue) but don't sweat it just click away from him. If you stand still you'll be hit by a dragon fire attack as well as get stacked from the poison clouds which will kill you pretty damn quick. That's basically Vorkath. If i missed anything or if you guys have better ways of killing it let me know. The link below is a video of me doing a couple kills if you wanted to get an idea. https://cl.ly/03679b1aad88 Good luck and happy hunting
  4. Much needed man, great formatting too.
  5. Welcome man we're glad to have you!
  6. Chaos Fanatic Guide The Chaos Fanatic is a boss located in the deep wildy (lvl. 42). It is easy as fuck if you have eyes and lvl 37 prayer for mage protect. You don't need to be on task to kill it but it helps, Nieve assigns it as a boss task. Getting There & Setup: Getting there is pretty straight forward. You can find it under the bosses tab on the valius teleporter. As for the setup, I made this halfway through my task but I use minimal risk range gear, a couple range pots, food & super restores. The Fight: Like I said earlier, this fight is extremely easy if you pay attention and just pray mage. Basically all you have to do is watch out for it's main attack which looks like several sperms that's pictured below and you should be fine. An easy way to do it is just attack, move 2 steps, etc. You could also choose to afk a little more and just stand there and eat but be cautious as it can hit 30's through prayer. Side Note: The main thing you can get here is the Malediction Ward which is a pretty solid shield that gives a great mage bonus. You can also get mysterious emblems to turn into the wilderness person at home.Watch out for pkers! Here's my risk in that gear with prot item on Good Luck & Happy Hunting!
  7. OH and one of you forum mods give me my donor status and whatnot on forums plz & ty
  8. Created: 06/02/2019 Abyssal Sire Guide The Abyssal Sire is a high level slayer boss requiring 85 slayer to kill. You can get this task as a boss task from Nieve or substitute it for Abyssal Demons. Getting there: Through the Valius Teleporter, you'll find it under the "Bosses" tab Setup: The setup I use is pretty straightforward. Just bring your BIS melee gear, combat boosting pots, a few restores, and food. The Fight: This fight isn't very difficult if you just watch your HP. It can hit through your melee prayer so don't freak out, die, lose all your shit, and cry. FIRST PHASE: PRAY MELEE and beat the shit out of it. At about 280ish HP it'll phase SECOND PHASE: PRAY MAGE and continue to beat the shit out of it. You'll know it's doing it's mage attack because it's stomach will open up. Minions will start to spawn and they attack with melee but don't even worry about the little turds. After about 100 or so damage from that point it'll phase again THIRD/FINAL PHASE: PRAY MELEE, the best thing to do is to hit it, click a few tiles away, and hit it again. Like OSRS, it'll spawn AIDS under you that'll hit you pretty hard if you're not careful. Don't. Stand. In. The. Shit. You'll know it's doing the attack because it'll lean back and get surrounded by a green aura. Once you get it below 100 HP it seems to stop doing that attack so just keep praying melee and kill the damn thing. Good luck & Happy Hunting Side Note: I would have included loot and whatever but it's drop table has nothing worth mentioning right now except some supplies that would be useful for Ironmen. If anything's incorrect or you have a more efficient way of killing this giant cuckold then let me know and I'll update asap