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  1. I totally disagree. Yes, sometimes when you are afking it gets in the way but all you have to do is click. People who ask for the anti-autoclick prevention to be removed are the ones who autoclick/ghost mouse imo.
  2. Uhhhuh Hopefully this will be a positive change for the server but I personally believe the game reset is worth it in the long run but hopefully the current playerbase can handle it. I would try to build a sustainable eco structure before a reset like figure out what went wrong other than the donator shop and what needs to be added/fixed/buffed/nerfed before a full eco reset so once the servers reset it will be balanced and sustainable plus max sure all content added is working as intended. I also believe advertising once before re-opening and a couple times shortly after is greatly beneficial.
  3. Sad to see you resign man. Hope to see you in-game a few times soon.
  4. Don’t think so but that’s a decent idea if thats Possible to do. At least as of right now there’s no shop and it’s basically a test to see how loyalty points settle within the game. Awesome updates btw 🙂
  5. I was there. 😄 Goodluck on 1k I'm sure ill join you for some soon.
  6. Some

    Custom Pets

    The Ambassador pet with his head testicles, back-halo and lower back-cape thing to have a blood color/texture but if you can make it semi transparent so it doesn't look weird aka a solid colored texture vs the rest of the model that has blended colors and shit. If anything try to make it look nice haha. xD Please let me know how the pets coming along. Thanks!
  7. Noice, these updates are very interesting. A lot of people will be happy 🙂
  8. I would suggest a point system for the next event. Point system rewards the grinders or who wants to work for the rewards.
  9. Drop rates seem a little to high imo Great update though.
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