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  1. ooo time to start grinding again and great updates.
  2. Damn very nice updates can't wait to start the grind for these things.
  3. The barrows was recently added to the pvm point shop when they added pvp armour to the bloodmoney shop but, I agree I think we should take out barrows from pvm points since its already common as it is and make barrows worth doing.
  4. And pick up clues for you.
  5. Damn great updates can't wait to aquire all the news items 🙂
  6. Congrats to all four of you.
  7. ooooo whats the new bow? and is that tetsu?
  8. great updates as usual. Gives players and incentive to do slayer now.
  9. https://gyazo.com/d326035439d893839902193cd7488357 Was mushroom, jaycorr, doof, and myself
  10. Good luck to everyone participating and may the best grinder win.
  11. Update this with names of the winners.
  12. Justanoob first to complete solo.