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  1. I know alotttttt of players have been waiting for the ability to dismantle spare zulrah items. Great updates and hot fixes 🙂
  2. This is a very unqiue concept to get players thinking of some cool new things they would like to see ingame. Cant wait to see all your guys ideas.
  3. Great updates boss keep up the good work.
  4. Hunter

    White Dragon

    I think keeping the requirement of having 99 slayer to be able to attack it should stay but I don't think it should be assigned by duradel if anything make it like a jad task from nieve where you only have to kill 1-2 or maybe we can implement the option to chose like on osrs from 1-30 I think is the max for bosses. Any who amazing concept idea would make a great addition and something new to go after.
  5. just think of all that sweeeeeeet content 🙂
  6. Hunter

    Top Voter

    I will be giving out rewards at the end of this month (August) for the top voter. 1st. 30 Donor tokens and 1x Raids box 2nd. 20 Donor tokens and 2x Infernal keys 3rd. 10 Donor tokens and 1x Valius box Good luck to everyone who participates.
  7. Damn amazing updates as usual cant wait to start getting the new armour.
  8. Sounds like a fun competition good luck to everyone participating.
  9. would definitely be a cool idea and bringing more players to the wild too.
  10. WE would all love to hear opinions on what the community would like to see has requirements for untrimmed/trimmed Comp capes. Feel free to add as many ideas as possible and we will look into adding some. Be mindful has to be able to be done on all game modes/exp rates
  11. Imagine playing this long and just now maxing lol but grats
  12. Hunter

    Rank Request

    Gotta wait for divine unless he gives me admin rank on here then I can do it
  13. Congratulations to all the new staff members and congrats on the promotions.
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