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  1. Very nice updates. Keep up the great work.
  2. max hc on normal and max GIM
  3. Don't know why we haven't added this.
  4. Ive personally never played RS3 but this seems like a very interesting idea that can easily be brought into something a lot bigger. The only thing I saw was the ring of charos which is already in the slayer shop and has its own built in perks.
  5. Very neat concepts. For the mining/woodcutting one how will players know when a tree is enchanced will it announce over yell or how does that work. Does the enhanced tree/ore scale on xp based on what tree/ore you are mining and are there requirements needed for any of it? For the runecrafting one I think if the wizard is needing assistance it should provide a special type of essence to charge said orb for like lower xp since some ironman don't have a good way to obtain essence as fast.
  6. Hunter

    Vote Event

    I will be giving out rewards at the end of this month (December) for the top voter. 1st. 30 Donor tokens and 1x Raids box. 2nd. 20 Donor tokens and 2x Infernal keys. 3rd. 15 Donor tokens and 1x Valius box. Good luck to everyone who participates
  7. I meant to vote for older content lol but fat fingered the mouse on QOL but, I would rather have stuff we have ingame fixed and then moved onto QOL updates.
  8. Great updates as usually keep it up.
  9. The month of November is almost over with only a few days left. We'd like to ask for your feedback about our current staff members and share your current opinions of them. Please keep in mind that there is a solid line between constructive criticism and harassment. Any form of flaming, harassment, or slander will be removed! Developers @Mod Divine @Corey Administrator @Hunter Moderators @Bio Split @Hehes @Unknown Player Support @Nick @Tempest
  10. Hunter

    cant log in

    The ingame name you are trying to chose is probably already taken. Forums accounts and ingame accounts aren't tied together that's why you were able to chose your name on forums. If you want we can check to see if the name has been taken and if its no longer in use.
  11. https://gyazo.com/5047649648c2f620e749bb0f7893d3a3
  12. https://gyazo.com/42f8c1fc8a1208525ca1d7404eba5161
  13. Welcome to the server hope you enjoy your stay here and if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask im always available.
  14. What divine should do is make custom teles to some of these places.
  15. I get what you are saying with this. Why would someone who has donated x amount think about botting. Before we had 2 players who had both donated over $500 found both of them auto clicking to gain an advantage during an event. If anything possibly divine can implement like a longer timer but, completely getting rid of the bot I dont think it's such a good idea in my opinion.
  16. There was only 1 thread to be claimed yall need to re read the event.
  17. Damn looks good cant wait to start the grind. Good luck everyone. If you win an event post here or someone else can claim.
  18. Good luck to everyone make sure to post proof on here or it can be claimed by someone else.
  19. Oh thanks for fixing it for me I didn't realize I messed it up silly me.
  20. I too think this is a good change for Valius. I worked very hard for everything I had earned but I am more than happy to lose it all in a chance to start fresh and enjoy grinding for it all again. If you need anything from me my new ign will be Buttface.
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