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  1. Congratulations you two!! Much deserved.
  2. JayCorr

    Solo CoX Guide

    haha love it, keep it up!
  3. JayCorr


    I havent yet but id heard good things! Might check it out later 😛
  4. JayCorr

    Buff Katana

    At this point in the game; there are hundreds of Katanas because of the random chance at getting them. Would be better off adding a Katana upgrade kit for a badass one to one of the raids or world bosses!!
  5. Solid update as usual! GL to everybody hunting for that blood cbow perk!!
  6. Its exciting to see our community coming together for the better, nothing but support!!
  7. Love this idea, support!
  8. Great updates divine, what Odin said!
  9. sweet vid love watching these, that intro tho XD
  10. Congratulations Hunter, much deserved.
  11. Perfect guide! Gl on drops everyone.
  12. Such a great idea, time for the players to expand their imagination for the custom pets!
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