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  1. Yw 😄, and yeah I agree the World Map would be a nice addition.
  2. Did you possibly mean the Kharazi Jungle vine climb?
  3. Welcome Jacob! Nice to have you here. 🙂 I hope you enjoy Valius and the great content we have to offer!
  4. You can cross the log that is more north up the river to cross the river. Also the stepping stones are supposed to require the elite karamja diary to be complete.
  5. Thank you for this, makes it a lot quicker to look up clues. 👍
  6. The Thread has already been claimed by Im high. His post is right above yours.
  7. 🙁 Sad to see you go man.
  8. This is Faithful772's grace armor, i have given faith his reward. 🙂
  9. Lets see those TOB drops you've gotten. 😉
  10. lmao great video man, good throwback to when tekton would tank a 5 man team XD
  11. Hello, I will be uploading the rare item drops from raids I have gotten in the past and also the drops I will get in the future. I will mainly post ones I have screen shots for, for some I might just add in because of how awesome they were. I don't have a screen shot of my first Twisted Bow but i got super lucky and got a Tbow within my first 10 raids! It took me awhile to get my 2nd Tbow drop, it was at raid KC 222. I have gotten a few rare drops in between Tbow drops but none of them compared to a Tbow 😝. Now I'm not exactly sure what raid kc i got this Tekton pet, but its somewhere in between when i got my 1st Tbow and me getting my 2nd Tbow. I believe the Tekton pet I own is currently the only one in-game. I have also gotten Vasa as a drop from COX but i did not get a screen shot of it r.i.p. . This one was a big daddy drop, got me a Zbow drop from TOX raids. I don't know what raid kc I was on when i got this drop as well 😕. I added this one in because I don't see many Xeric's armor drops and this is currently the only piece I own. And it only took me 601 raids to get it 😄. This is my most recent Super Rare drop from raids. I received my 3rd Tbow at raid KC 682. I've been blessed with drops from raids, and I am currently going for 1,000 KC on COX if you want to raid in-game with me just ask IGN - Hehes.
  12. Corey will message you on discord he is one of our devs, hopefully he can resolve this issue. 🙂
  13. What is your discord name @Kaperboy
  14. Sweet update man all colors on the armor looks sick! Can't wait to get me a Scythe and Bow 😉. YEEAAAHH BOOOYYY the pets done!!!
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