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  1. Corey will message you on discord he is one of our devs, hopefully he can resolve this issue. 🙂
  2. What is your discord name @Kaperboy
  3. hehes

    Top Voter October

    Nice rewards, good luck everyone!
  4. Sweet update man all colors on the armor looks sick! Can't wait to get me a Scythe and Bow 😉. YEEAAAHH BOOOYYY the pets done!!!
  5. hehes

    Yearly Event #1

    First bloodknight peice
  6. Nickb is the second person to get the pet yearly mimic and i have already given him his reward 🙂
  7. hehes

    Yearly Event #1

    Damm these some nice rewards! Gl everyone! 💜
  8. hehes

    Top Voter September

    I cant delete that ^ post RIP sorry i misread this and thought it was last months XD.
  9. gz everyone these challenges are going quick!!!
  10. first set (blue) i have the blue staff too just not in pic
  11. YES! loving everything in this cant wait to get some of these new items!! 🙂
  12. First team to have more then 1 maxed player done. Thanks for the challenges divine it made GIM a lot more fun!
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