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  1. Should continue this , its nice seeing how people have progressed over time 🙂.
  2. ive received my reward already 😉
  3. hehes


    oh nice haha so do you not like it? XD
  4. hehes


    That's awesome, supernatural is currently my favorite show and the last season ever ( season 15) is gonna start being aired October 10th. Cant wait XD
  5. hehes


    Nice bro! How much of it have you watched 🙂
  6. @Mod Divine (AKA God) I don't play a lot of rsps but in my experience divine is the best owner ever. He's active in the community, socializes with the players and overall a great person.(+++rep) @Corey Don't talk to Corey but i hear he does a lot of the customs and stuff so good work bro! Would love to see more customs in the future ;). (+rep) @James I've never met James nor talked to him so i don't have an opinion on ya ;). (neutral rep) @Andy I haven't met Andy either so no opinion :). (neutral rep) @Hunter Hunter is a great admin earned his way up and hes respectful and polite , just wish he sold his pets cheaper XD. (+rep) @Bio Split Bio is a funny, chill guy, good mod and just likes to have fun :p. (+rep) @Nox I've talked to Nox a few times hes very polite, cool and definitely a good mod. (+rep) @Darren Darren is a amazing mod that cares about the community and people and does a lot to keep this server growing and exciting. (+rep) @JayCorr A'int gonna lie i hated this guy for awhile , but eventually it faded and i realized hes a pretty cool guy , hes funny af and a good mod. (+rep) @34k I haven't talked to 34 a whole lot but I've talked to him enough to see he's a kind guy and willing to help people, but i haven't seen him on in like a week or two on Valius so i have to give down rep sorry :(. (-rep) @Reaxys Pretty much the same thing with Reaxys as 34 I've talked to him some , i can tell hes a great person with a good personality but he hasn't been on in awhile, sorry i have to down rep you :(. (-rep) New supports! @Daddy Daddy is a great support hes super nice and friendly guy with a funny personality. (+rep) @666 I haven't talked a lot to 666 but he's helpful and kind. P.S. sorry i tried to pk you :(. (+rep). Alright that's my opinions on the staff if anyone has any questions just ask. ❤️ All you guys are great!!!
  7. hehes


    should check it out bro its really good, its got 307 episodes of pure awesomeness!
  8. Hi i'm requesting donor rank on forums please 😄
  9. hehes


    Does anyone else here happen to watch Supernatural? This is my favorite show just wondering if anyone else likes this show as much as i do! 😁
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