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  1. To celebrate the release of Theatre of Blood on Valius, numerous events will be ran for some pretty juicy rewards! They will require your best teams, smartest minds, and snappy reflexes to overcome these challenges you are about to face. Challenges First team to complete the ToB Complete the ToB with the lowest time within 1 month. (Ending May 26th at 8PM EST) First 1 man team to complete ToB Rewards . 3x Death Touch Darts . 50M OSRS Gold OR 50 Valius Tokens (to all team members!) . 5x Death Touch Darts We wish all the teams the best of luck and look forward to seeing the winners of this event! ❤️ Winners First team to complete ToB: Ey Doof Nox Hunter First 1 man team to complete ToB: Justanoob Best Time: Fastest time was 17mins
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