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  1. I like this idea man, anything to bring the Community together! A nice change from PVM based events as well 😜👍
  2. Wish I could get the new starter equipment, won't give you a starter kit if you've already had them in Valius 1 😱
  3. Eco Reset 4 days later lmfao.. Would've never left 😂
  4. Hey I have screenshots/paypal proof of all donations made towards my account from the past 180 days from this post, coming back to May 28th, 2019 I believe.
  5. Moderator Resignation As much as it sucks to say this, I think it's time that I step down as a Moderator. I feel that I don't have enough time to play anymore and I'm sure everyone else can see it as well through my inactivity. I love the game and the people. I've just been focusing on real life matters right now, hopefully you all understand. I just feel selfish holding back a position that someone else could fill and really make a difference with for the server as a whole. I'm not backing away from the server entirely, I'll still hop on every now and then to see how things are going and how everyone's doing, maybe even some Community Events;p but as for the time being, I do not feel that I fit this position. If anyone ever needs to get ahold of me, you can always reach me through Discord. Thank you all for the gaming memories and friendships! Darren
  6. Been waiting forever for something like this! 😬
  7. Darren

    Gauntlet Event

    Ooh sick event Rewards 😱
  8. Really like how the Dragon Wings turned out! 😬👍
  9. Awesome! 😬 Hopefully everyone gives the Gauntlet a try since it had so much work put into it. Really impressive!
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