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  1. Darren

    Slayer Armors

    I could definitely see that happening as well, I think that would be a great idea and also makes a lot of sense, rather than making entirely new sets haha 😝
  2. Darren

    Slayer Armors

    SLAYER ARMORS Something that I've thought over a little bit that kinda bothers me is the fact that we're missing the corresponding sets for Ranged and Magic Slaying, It would be awesome to see a similar version of each. It would also be really cool to see a Wilderness variant of Slayer Armor, along with the corresponding sets. -Credits to @Drew Money for this idea- Or instead of making multiple sets, they could easily be replaced by adding a single Tribrid set for Wilderness use only that will only work on task? To me, it seems like a fair idea because it wont be overpowered for outside Wilderness use, it will be useless. This also creates a Challenging risk factor for slaying. It opens up a whole new perspective on Wilderness Slaying and would give people a reason to try it out. Darren
  3. MUTATED JADINKOS -Mutated Jadinkos are Slayer Creatures from Runescape 3- -Mutated Jadinkos could drop some pretty unique items and I feel like they'd be a nice addition to Slayer Training in Valius along with a pretty uninhabited location to change things up a bit- In this Suggestion I'm focusing on the 3 Mutated Jadinko variants with custom requirements to allow all players to have a chance at trying them out without having to have a super high Slayer Level. Mutated Jadinko Baby -Require Level 75 Slayer to kill- -Uses Ranged based attacks, has the ability to Snare players- Drops: Excrescence and Mutated Vines Mutated Jadinko Guard -Require Level 85 Slayer to kill- -Uses Ranged/Melee based attacks, has the ability to Poison players- Drops: Excrescence, Muted Vines, and Straight Roots Mutated Jadinko Male -Require Level 95 Slayer to kill- -Uses Ranged/Melee based attacks, has the ability to Poison and Disease players, can shut Protection Prayers off- Drops: Excrescence, Mutated Vines, Straight Roots, and Mutated Spine -All of these unique Mutated Jadinko drops will have a use that can benefit players in multiple ways- Drop Benefits Players can use Excrescence and Mutated Vines to create Bolas. Bolas are Ranged weapons that can be created from x2 Excrescence and x1 Mutated vine. Bolas require 75 Ranged to use and have a 50% chance to Snare another Player for up to 10 seconds. (Not NPC's) Players can use Sagaie Shafts and Mutated Vines to create Sagaies. Sagaies are Ranged Weapons that can be created from x5 Sagaie Shafts and x5 Mutated Vines. To create Sagaie shafts, a player will be required to use Straight Roots on a fire to retrieve Hardened Straight Roots. Hardened Straight Roots can be Fletched into Sagaie Shafts using a knife. Sagaies require 80 Ranged to use and have 1:10 chance to Poison another Player. (Not NPC's) Players can attach a Mutated Spine to an Abyssal Whip to create the Mutated Whip. This weapon requires 85 Attack to wield and has a +90 Slash Attack Bonus along with a +90 Strength Bonus. The Mutated Whip will have the same degradation effects as the Abyssal Tentacle. This Whip's Special Attack, Plague, Consumes 50% of the player's Special Attack Energy. Plague uses a gradual Disease Effect that lowers ALL Stats by 25% of the Special Attack Damage done. (Not NPC's) Example: If a Player hits a 50 while using the Special Attack, the other Player's stats will lower over the next 5 hits by about 12.5 Levels, that's about 2.5 Levels per hit. (Stats can be restored by using Super Restore Potions or Death) Created by: Darren -These are only suggestions, feel free to comment any opinions at mind- Darren
  4. Really cool update, so much variety and a really nice boost to Chaotic Equipment 😎
  5. Thank you, and Awesome!! 🤩
  6. CHAOTIC ADJUSTMENTS -Some of the items mentioned in this Suggestion are not currently in game, just suggested- I've noticed that Chaotic Equipment isn't really used at all in Valius and it's a shame to see such great content go to waste. A possible way to make players more open to using Chaotic Equipment would be to add a unique perk to every Chaotic item, similar to the Obliteration Staff, Annihilation Mace, and Decimation Bow's perks. -Possible GFX for Effects- Chaotic Fury: 1:10 chance to go Chaotic and unleash a 50% damage and accuracy boost for up to 3 hits in a row against any type of opponent. Weapon Effect: "Your weapon expels a Chaotic Fury on to your opponent.." -This would effect all Chaotic Weaponry- Chaotic Force: 1:10 chance to block all types of attacks for up to 3 hits in a row against any type of opponent. Shield Effect: "Your shield invigorates a Chaotic Force around you.." -This would effect the Chaotic Kiteshield- -I also have a few suggestions for a new way to obtain Chaotic Equipment- Add all Chaotic Equipment to the Chaos Elemental's Drop Table Remove all Chaotic Equipment from any other NPC's Drop Table Add the Chaotic Longsword and the Chaotic Maul to the Donator Shop -These are only suggestions, feel free to comment any opinions at mind- -Darren
  7. Don't believe I've collected my Reward yet 😮
  8. @Hunter & @niyo Updated this btw, Replaced Blood Money with Revenant Ether
  9. I'd like to split the Reward with Niyo if possible!
  10. Congratulations Hehes & Ghandi! I'm sure you both will have a lot to offer for the server as you've already shown 👍
  11. YES!! Finally 😁👍
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