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  1. Di Dot

    White Dragon

    fuck damn yes!
  2. Di Dot

    Solo CoX Guide 2

    no background music?! boring to watch, still good effort done
  3. Di Dot

    Solo CoX Guide

    where is background music!? joke, nice, those "special" effects damn good
  4. @Mod Divine how many i tried rsps's, hes responding quickly, the most caring person ive ever seen. @Hunter surprising by his help and caring from first day. @Darren had talked with him, great person, good pking, "classic" mode: likes to grind, could fully seek higher than support... btw wheres my ashes?! Others: one of 3 causes - i dont like them; never heard; not interested; [neutral] Peace...
  5. IGN: Di Dot Video Title: Valius RSPS: 100 crystal key openning ! Video Length: 3:09 Video Link:
  6. im playing almost 2 weeks and already saw how hunter deserved
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