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  1. Amazing work! But for "Kill Moss Giants on Moss Giant Island - Kill 120 Moss Giants - Level 10 Agility to take Rope Swing to Moss Giants (West Brimhaven)" Those should be killed the ones from Brimhaven Dungeon as others don't count.
  2. Hello, I am writing this since I want to reach out Valius Staff Team more efficiently instead of typing ing when I usually disconnect like today. I and Pain dot solved our personal issues so should this happen in future - you can ban me forever without chance of trying to appeal for unban, again. Since it is my first lash out(truly angry one), after a while, as I was rather disregarded with my ideas and suggestions in other RSPS, from then, I started to get angry if I get ignored. Also, if I ask some things multiple times, it's not because I seek to annoy Staff member, rather, I forget sometimes due to having a lot of IRL stuff going on and by taking everything sometimes too seriously I get in trouble. No grudge against anyone whatsoever. Thanks in advice for your reply if you take into consideration of me having back in Valius Discord. Have a good day.
  3. Congratulations to New Helpers for Server! Sad to see others leave, no grudge against both of them whatsoever. Let's hope it's for the best!
  4. Hi there, to everyone who has or hasn't met me yet! Played in total for 4 days and 12 hours(or something like it), experience is something else than just amazing! Staff respond rate is higher than expected, community seems to be friendly whatsoever and helpful. Content is yet to be explored, gonna do it in mean time while I get to know you more guys! Have a great day! 😄 Kind regards
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