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  1. 666

    Solo CoX Guide 2

    its just a totally unedited video file lmao i couldnt be bothered to put effort into it tbh
  2. 666

    Solo CoX Guide 2

    CoX would just be CoCK if there was only one right? hehe /)_(\ w-what if we kissed in the p-passage before olm? haha just joking.... unless? ..... no hahaha seriously im joking.... but.....?
  3. 666

    Solo CoX Guide 2

    thats super interesting i was unaware! its not super well known but i occasionally do Raids 1: Chambers of Xeric (Abbreviated CoX (pronounced like Cocks)) by myself as well.
  4. thankies hehes ^w^ hey man anything in the wildy is fair game unless its w/ my ultimate then im butthurt --- and in terms of staff, i've never had a problem with any of the current staff theyre all really chill dudes. some ive talked to more than others but jay, darren, bio, hunter, corey and divine have been nothing but dope around me. shoutout to hunter for taking the time to throw my ultimate looting bag shit when i died at nightmare
  5. 666

    Solo CoX Guide 2

    i too, have run cox by myself
  6. i like a lot of these but the rs3 player in me would love to see *base* comp not have rng requirements, all achievement/diary/slayer unlocks is nice. a reaper-esque requirement for 1 (or 10) kills of each boss seems fair as well. maybe add event bosses to the list as well to get people to tarns/graardors/wildy bosses well donations, skilling outfits, pets etc seems fine as a *trim* requirement. even prestiging for trim seems fair as its above and beyond standard game completion. a physical list of requirements for both that get ticked off (think diary interface) would be nice. maybe a purple in game message along the lines of "you've completed the [NPC] kill count requirement for the Completionist Cape" as well
  7. keep in mind these are suggestions, you're more than welcome to share your opinion and let me know what you think general suggestions - add chance for vmboxes from skilling, rarity tbd - add coal or bars to CoX/ToX/ToB tables, everything else drops ores + coal or bars - ability to dismantle blowpipes/tanz fangs/serp helms/visages/magic fangs for scales? basically catering to ironmen - sell offensive stat boosting pots in (4)s from shops, its weird for manually made potions to be (4)s and shop bought ones to be (3)s | EDIT: change noted pots in caskets to (4)s aswell - hitboxes are massive - allow ironmen to get glory(4)s, either through caskets (currently give uncharged glories) or by crafting - change the defence requirement for skeletal/spined/rock-shell to 40 to match retail's requirements, not crucial but consistency is nice - add tele options for slayer cape perk - e.g. black demons can be a taverly teleport or a catacombs teleport. could add a spacebarrable dialogue showing that catacomb monsters are aggressive pvp issues - add different xp drops for landing tbs/enangles, currently you have to actually see the animation or not -- possibly different for fulls/halfs if possible - fix barrage so landing hits actually freezes your opponent 100% of the time - lots of targetting / pj timer issues slayer suggestions - building off Daddys suggestions - task extensions(+50%)/preferrals (upping weight by a reasonable amount depending on each masters current task weights) - perma unlock to negate need for boots of stone etc for hella slayer points
  8. 666

    Superheat Staff

    a friend and i had an idea for a custom staff, potentially requiring charges, of fire runes and nature runes. would basically be just for alching or superheating. it could even require double the runes normally required for the spells since runes arent really hard to get your hands on. would be really nice for superheating especially for UIMs. could be put in the skill points shop. gimme your feedback
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