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  1. 10/10 fixes, thank u for giving us the zulrah item dismantling 😄
  2. Dope updates and fixes Divine! Hyped for GIM 😄
  3. updated with uim donator perk idea
  4. Daddy

    White Dragon

    If this is going to be a ***slayer creature***, it needs significantly less health. I'm all for the idea but you gotta decide if you want it to be a slayer task monster or a boss especially if it's assigned by Duradel loool
  5. Daddy

    Solo CoX Guide 2

    OwO is just WoW inside out, like an oreo with stuffing on the outside and the cookie on the inside! hehe ^~^ We should solo CoX together sometimes! People may argue that this would be considered duoing but I'm a firm believer that the definition is in the eye of the behOwOlder!! hehe x
  6. Daddy

    Solo CoX Guide 2

    This is so good bro, i also solo cox in case you were unaware
  7. Daddy

    Solo CoX Guide

    Sorry about the voice quality, I'm sick LOL
  8. I haven't been mia i promise!!! updated!! 🙂
  9. this would be so awesome actually, hooooly #revivethewild
  10. I too, would love to see more items in the shops. The issue is moreso along the lines of what items should be added. I've suggested lots of different changes in my personal thread here > Click here < which include, but isn't limited to shop reworks! 🙂
  11. ~~~~comp~~~~ 100 cox 50 (100??) tob all diaries maxed all 3 imbued mage arena 2 capes all skilling outfits unlocked (graceful, prospector, angler, rogue, and pyromancer) *if i missed one add that obv* complete inferno everything unlocked from slayer point store (maybe require full slayer armour too??) ~~~~trim~~~~~ 104m in all skills (200m possibly? might even make a poll on discord or forums and ask the community) 500 cox 250 tob at least 50 (maybe 100) KC in ALL bosses kinda like rs3's Reaper title completed x amount of each tier of clue prestige skills and remax once
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