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  1. (sorry for bad mic quality, investing in new mic soon.)
  2. Bump With my last 2 streams. Last Weeks - Today -
  3. Just to note this is my first video i've made. More will come regardless of rank. With that, the quality will also be better as i learn the use of different programs. IGN: Ghandi Video Title: Valius RSPS Ghandi's Solo Raid Run. Video Length: 16:28 Video Link:
  4. Just a list of things I would like to see fixed or added to the server. First, Lets Take A Look Of Whats Already In game, And would like to see fixed. Row (i) to pickup coins. Saradomin Godsword spec to Restore prayer, along with HP. Bounty Hunter & Emblem upgrading. Options for staffs to auto-cast Fire surge. Adding Smoke Battlestaff to Thermo Smoke Devil. Adding Staff of the Dead to Zammy Boss. Adding Dragon Crossbow Limbs to Adamant and Rune Dragon Drop Tables. Adding Dragon Bolts to drop tables, And allowing Enchanted Variants To be crafted. Imbued God Cape Max Cape, Does not have "operate" option as the others do. Super Set crates from PKP shop, do not work. (would be a great benefit for Irons.) Add Lava Scales to Lava Dragon Drop Tables. Just a Quick list of a few bugs that are plaguing the server. Having to relog upon shooting star depletion. Can't Access Cerberus. (may be possible with keymaster tele.) Shop keepers @DZ have suddenly turned into livestock. Insulated boots do NOT Negate the heavy attack from rune/Addy Dragons. Having to relog upon getting an XP scroll from star boxes. Group Ironman cannot create bank tabs. Can't use keymaster Teleports. Can't Tab to reply to GIM messages on friends list. TOB chests are broken. Next, Lets have look at adding a few things to the Slayer Shop. Slayer Shop. Add SeedBox to Shop (Holds seeds you choose to pickup.) Add Clue Sack (Holds up to 15 clues of each type from inventory) Add Keyring (Add up to 15 Completed Crystal Keys from inventory.) Add Ability To Craft Specialty Ammunition. (See Below). Add Imbuement Scroll (See Below) Add Crystal Halberd. Now, To Some Interesting Things to Hopefully Be Added. The Eternal Gem. Dropped From Superior Slayer Creatures. Added To Ring Of Charos From Slayer Shop. Use Imbuement Scroll to Allow Same Benefits of RoW (i) Features. Allow Teleport to Slayer Monster, If there is a "Boss" Variant of your task, will prompt if you would like to teleport there. Adds 5% chance for superior slayer creature to spawn (Thanks @Darren for some insight.) Automatically Banks Slayer Keys. Upon Killing a Superior Slayer Monster, 100% chance to drop Slayer key based on creature level. Untradeable. The Imbuement Scroll. Sold From Slayer Shop (150 points maybe?) Acts as a pseudo Nightmare Zone, Enabling you to imbue items that you cannot currently in game. (outside the donor store.) Just To List a few items that this can effect. (There Will be links to OSRS Wiki if you would like to see Stats.) Eternal Slayer Ring (Creation) Treasonous ring (i) Tyrannical ring (i) Ring of the gods (i) Ring of suffering (i) Crystal bow (i) Salve amulet(ei) Crystal halberd (i) Quiver And Bolt Pouch. Think Runepouch, But For Arrows and Bolts, That is Equitable. Craft able Can Hold 4 Different Ammunition Types. (Depending on Tier) Right Click Ammo Switching. (Depending on Tier) Each Tier Having progressive benefits. Must Craft Tier 1, Then upgrade progressively to Tier 5. First Tier Craft able at 55 Crafting with Green Dragon Leather. 1 Ammo Slot. +1 Base Damage to Specialty Ammunition. (Don't Worry, Its coming.) +2% Chance to Activate Enchanted Bolt & Specialty Ammunition. Second Tier Craft able at 65 Crafting with Blue Dragon Leather. 2 Ammo Slots. +2 Base Damage to Specialty Ammunition. +4% Chance to Activate Enchanted Bolt & Specialty Ammunition. Third Tier Craft able at 75 Crafting with Red Dragon Leather. 2 Ammo Slots. +3 Base Damage to Specialty Ammunition. +6% Chance to Activate Enchanted Bolt & Specialty Ammunition. Fourth Tier Craft able at 85 Crafting with Black Dragon Leather. 3 Ammo Slots. +4 Base Damage to Specialty Ammunition. +8% Chance to Activate Enchanted Bolt & Specialty Ammunition. Final Tier Craft able at 95 Crafting with Hydra Leather. 4 Ammo Slots. +5 Base Damage to Specialty Ammunition. +10% Chance to Activate Enchanted Bolt & Specialty Ammunition. As, You Can see this would be a VERY useful thing to have. The Extra Base Damage may be a bit much, But the idea of the specialty ammunition is that their base damage be Relatively low. Minus one that will Ramp up over time. The 10% Chance to Activate isn't as overpowered I don't Think, Its part of the Retail game as part of an Achievement Diary And the idea of the Specialty Ammo is that it Will not Stack. it should also be said that you CANNOT SWITCH AMMO DURING COMBAT. Idea being that one player cannot have X amount of debuffs going. Rather Encourage teamplay by assigning whose doing what ammo. Specialty Ammunition. There is plenty of Melee Weapons or armor sets (melee armor) That add a certain debuffs to the monsters and bosses we fight, And with the Release of the Noxious weapon set. It Got me Thinking. What if different types of munitions could be added to simulate the same idea, Albeit in a ranged and watered down variant. Note, Some of these are for flavor, And the munitions i would truly love to see will be noted in Italics. Venom-Tipped Munitions. Headless Arrows (x15) + Zulrah Scales (x150) = x15 Venom-Tipped Arrows. Dragon Bolts (x10) + Zulrah Scales (x100) = x10 Venom-Tipped Bolts. This one is Fairly Straight Forward. Simply Allowing the Application of Venom While Using a bow or crossbow. The Base Damage of the arrow or bolt itself would be of a Non Augmented type. only it would apply Venom, Doing What Venom does Starting at 6 damage, After every 18 seconds would add an additional 2 damage. Up to a Cap of 20. (25 with the Tier 5 Quiver/Bolt Pouch.) Soul Fire Munitions. Dragon Arrows (x15) + Lava Scale Dust (x1) = x15 Flaming Arrow Dragon Bolts (x10) + Lava Scale Dust (x1) = x10 Flaming Bolt. Also Fairly Straight forward, Going off the numbers of the Colossal Armor perks, Instead from a ranged weapon. Albeit Weaker, as to not devalue the armor itself. 1:5 Chance to apply Burning. With a Max Base Damage cap of 3 per burn tick, That can be upgraded to a cap of 8 per burn tick with the Tier 5 Quiver/Bolt Pouch. Aside from the Debuff, It would act as a normal Dragon Arrow/Bolt. Holy Munitions. Dragon Arrows (x15) + Crushed Superior Dragon Bones (x1) = x15 Holy Arrows. Dragon Bolts (x10) + Crushed Superior Dragon Bones (x1) = x10 Holy Bolts This one is a tad Different. Instead of offering a Base Damage Debuff. It Simply Adds 5% Extra Damage to Undead/Demon(/Nightmare?) Creatures. To offset the munitions not having a base damage debuff, It would Allow the use of Bolts at Corp. Again, When used against any monster that isnt listed above, It would act as Dragon arrows/bolts. Ripper Munitions Dragon Arrows (x15) + Dragon Dart Tip (x15) = 15x Ripper Arrows. Dragons Bolts (x10) + Dragon Dart Tip (x10) = 10x Ripper Bolts. Just a Stock Dragon Arrow/Bolt. Has the Same Bleeding Effect as Bleeding Broadsider. 1:10 Chance of Triggering. Max Debuff Damage Per Tick : 5. Max Damage per tick Raises to 10 if tier 5 Quiver is Equipped. (Obviously i have no fucking clue what im doing as far as getting the colors right. it was an hour ordeal in paint to try and fit a broad arrowhead onto a dragon bolt.) I Myself think that there are plenty of armor sets in the game, So i'll omit a thought I had in favor of something else more agreeable. Bank And Client QOL. So there is something I would like to see changed within the Banking interface, And a few changes to the Client if possible. I'll Start with easiest to explain first. Bank Interface. (Note, This is not my bank. But just a picture from OSRS Wiki.) Just the Simple Choose Quantity option is all i'm asking for. Client Suggestions. There's really only three things I would like to see done with the client, I'm no brain wizard, so i'm not sure if its possible or how difficult it would be. But a man can dream. Be able to activate "Special Attack" From the orb located below run energy. The Ability to set ground markers. Would be good for Zulrah, Solo Raids, Vorkath. (Maybe.?) The Ability to Pick and choose what comes up when you turn on "Show Ground items" (would love to be able to hide Ashes, Unwanted herbs, junk. I would also be content to be able to have a way to pick an item you would like to see when right clicked. For Example. Instead of Regular Color text that shows up for Ground items. Say, I would like PVM caskets to show up as neon green among the pile. To easily distinguish the wanted drops, From the unwanted. - That is really all I can think of at the moment, I'll be sure to keep updated with any thoughts of future suggestions or fixes I would like to see. Thanks in Advance for Reading. - Heckin' Ghandi.
  5. Or you can just use the guy @home to make the Unf Pots for you.
  6. Just A Quick List Of The Dungeons Of The Wilderness.
  7. Well then to offset the influx of cannons we could make it, say 1000 PvM points per piece. When i mentioned Vials of Blood, I should have specified. a LOW drop. maybe 1-3 at a 1/50 rate, Currently (that im aware) theres only a handful of people doing ToB. Plus it would be used in conjunction with the new potion ideas that i had. I can agree to take the Elite Void from Boss shop, But Still allow Void in PvM shop. However, if it were to Remain. 950 Boss points for a set of REGULAR Void. Thats just overpriced. granted im sure its like that to encourage more the use of PC but...I dont even remember doing PC on here. Perhaps an update to that content is in order aswell?
  8. Tonight I was Looking at some of the shops while listening to some of the community wanting to have more Wilderness Style Content. So I had Collaborated Some of these ideas while talking to Darren, And This is a Big List of Ideas, Suggestions, Things, Stuffs. Feel free to Discuss your views with me on here,Discord or In game. I understand some of these things are a little outlandish. But i thought they were pretty heckin cool. Thanks For Reading in Advance. SLAYER SHOP - Change : Cannon pieces - To PvM shop (prefer 250-400 points per piece) Slayer Helm Components - Gp Value Instead of Slayer Points. Slayer Staff - GP Value instead of slayer points. Boots of stone - GP value. (150 slayer points, Really?) Bracelet of Slaughter - From Slayer Chest/Creatures 1/15 chance (not too common, but not rare either.) Bonecrusher - To PvM shop Salve Amulet - Replace with imbued variant. Ring of Charos - No price change. Unfinished Bolt Pack - GP Value, But lower Xp Gained. Herb Sack - Reduce Slayer Point Price to 200 Gem Bag - No Change Possible Additions - Key Chain - Allows up 15 COMPLETED Crystal Keys to be added - Price 300-500 Slayer Points. Dwarven Auto Loader - Automatically Restocks Cannon When Empty - 1000 Slayer Points. Imbue Scroll - Increased Slayer helm Damage and Accuracy Bonus To A Total Of 25% (Does not Stack With Salve Amulet Varients) - Increase Salve Amulet(i) Bonus to 20% With All Combat Styles (Does not Stack With Slayer Helm, However DOES Stack With Void Equipment) - (IF ADDED) Eternal Slayer Ring (i) Provides 15% Drop Chance For TASK ONLY, Also Acts as an unlimited Bracelet Of Slaughter. - Ring of Charos Added effect - Ability to trade 1x slayer enchantment to Cancel 1 task. - Price 1500 Slayer Points Each, is consumed per use. Superior Creature Pheromone - Increases Chance of Superiors Spawning by An Additional 10-30% Per 10 Minutes. - Craftable W/ 95 Herblore - Vial Of Blood + Searing Ashes + Lava Scale Shard + Superior Pheromone. - 1-4 Doses Based of Wilderness Diaries. - UNTRADABLE! Add Lamp For 250 Slayer Points. Add Seedbox for 200 Slayer Points. SUPERIOR SLAYER CREATURES - Possible Additions - Add Cannonball Drop 100-500 (Weight at your discretion) Smoke Battlestaff added to drop table. Superior Pheromone x1 - 100% per superior - UNTRADABLE Eternal Slayer Gem - When Added to Ring of Charos The following Effects (Could be) Added. - Maintains Ring of Charos Teleport Effect. - Adds 5% extra chance of Superior and Key Spawns - Adds 1.5x Points per task Completion (must be wearing) - Increase Chance of Getting Slayer Enchantments While on Wilderness Tasks. - Untradable! - This Would be the Most Sought After Drop From Superiors. SLAYER CHEST CHANGE - Add Granite Cannonball to Loot List of Teir 3 Key or higher. (Granite to have them untradable, so they dont flood.) WILDERNESS SLAYER CONTENT - -Remove Mysterious Emblem From PVM Shop To Encourage Wilderness slayer. -Add The unlock For Kristillia to Assign Wilderness Bosses & Demi-Bosses As a task at Random.(or Forced With a Slayers Enchantment) - Think Of Slayers Enchantments as a Sort of VIP Ticket. -While Killing Slayer creatures ON TASK, you will have a chance of getting a Key drop (only 1 Tier) -The Chest location Could be lava maze. (already a chest there, why not use it?) -The Chest Could Contain - T1-5 Emblems, 0-50 PKP Tickets, Vials of Blood,Medium/hard Clue scrolls, 0-100 Black Chins,1-2 Slayer Enchantments. -Dragon Knives, Dragon Javs, Dragon Thrown axes,Dragon Bolts,arrows,darts.(each up to 100) -While killing Wilderness Bosses ON TASK, You Will have a chance of Dropping (yet another key To Another Chest.) -Chest Could be Located in the Rogues Castle (again, already one there.) -Contains 100-200 PKP, up to T10 Emblems, Onyx or Zenyte Uncut, Chance at Revenant Statue Drop, VERY RARE CHANCE at 1 of the 3 Revenant Weapons. -When this chest is looted, it will be announced on server, It will also Drain your prayer and run energy to zero. BOUNTY HUNTER AND PKP SHOP - EMBLEM STORE - -Move Ecumenical Key to Emblem Store From PVM Store -Move Bone Dagger ++ to Emblem Store From PVM Store -Move Brine Sabre to Emblem Store From PVM Store -Add Normal void To Emblem Store. -Add Lamp For 1M Bounties. PKP STORE - -Move Dark Bow to PKP store from PVM store - Remove from Vote shop. - Add Elder Chaos Robes to PKP Store. - Add Ranger Tunic & Robin Hood Hat to PKP store. - Add Elite Void Top And Bottom To PKP Store. - Add Revenant Ether To PKP Shop. NEW POTION - -Potion Of The Tracker -Vial Of Blood + 20x Revenant Ether + Searing Ashe @80 Herblore -1-3 Doses Based Off Wilderness Diary Completion. -For 2 Minutes an Arrow Points you in the way of the nearest player in the wilderness. -However, Your Run Will be Turned off for these 2 Minutes to not Spook your prey. -Untradable. POINT REWARD SHOPS - PVM SHOP - -REMOVE- -Dragon Bones -Crystal Keys -Dark Crabs -Overloads -Mysterious Emblem -Dragon Arrows -Dragon Dart Tips -Diamond AND Dragonstone Bolts -Dark Bow -All Barrows Items -Salve Amulet(i) -MOVE- -Brine Sabre -Barbarian Assault Items (Relocate to Shayzian Assault, Lets get some more Traffic there.) -Infinity items (Add to Battle mage Drop Table.) -ADD- -Cannon Pieces -Bonecrusher -Regular Void Set (move From Boss Tab) -Mage's Book -Ring Of Wealth Scroll -Spellcaster,Swift and Goliath Gloves. -Dwarven Rock Cake -Crystal Seed (For Shield/Halberd/Bow) BOSS POINTS - -Add Elite Void Top & Bottom. -Add Valius Mystery Box SKILLS POINTS -REMOVE- -Dragon Bones -Crystal Key -ADD- -Cooking Gauntlets -Goldsmith Gauntlets -Magic Secateurs -Daily Reward Box VOTE POINT STORE - -REMOVE- -Magic Secateurs -Goldsmith Gauntlets -Cooking Gauntlets -Dragon Bones -Dwarven Rock Cake -Ring of Wealth -Dragon Tools (Skill point Shop has that, why overlap?) -Dark Bow -Fury -ADD- -Donator Scrolls- (For basic Donor, Gives people Access to Dz.) -Drop Boosters X% for X/time -GENERAL THINGS I WOULD LOVE TO SEE ADDED- -Dragon Metal Bolts W/Bolt Tips & Enchantments. -Dragon Crossbow Limbs Added To Adamant & Rune Dragon Drop Tables. (Give people an actual Reason and possible reward to fight them) -Amethyst Mining/Crafting/Fletching (Training Variety) -Take Overloads away from drop lists and make them Craftable @99herb W/Super Combats, Ranging, Magic pot + High End Monster Drop (Searing Ashes,Vials of blood, Ect.) -Full Revenant Caves W/ Bracelet of Etherium, Revenant Statues, Chain mace, Amulet of Averice. -Skilling Pets with a Purpose -Ex: Agility Pet that picks up marks of grace. -Thieving pet that Automatically Banks PVM Caskets. -Firemaking Pet that Acts as a Furnace/Cooking Stove. -Farming Pet that Automatically Composts Patches For you.
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