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    Raids Event

    Hello everyone, as there isn’t really that many people that do raids, i have decided on making a community event for it, it will start at 6PM GMT (1PM EST) Saturday 30th and will end at 12PM GMT (7PM EST) Sunday 1st (if all rewards haven’t been won yet) It will be me and Hehes as the hosts for the event so if there are people that want to do a different raid they can, also to help with the limit for the ToB and ToX raids, we will be doing raids all day for the 2 days. There will be 3 winners from each raid, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The prizes will consist of: 5x Donor Tokens to the first 3 people to get an ultra-rare. (only 1 for each raid) Second and Third will receive 1x Valius Mystery Box. (for all 3 raids) Chambers of Xeric: Ultra-Rare: First rare: Korin Second: DirtHutMan Trials of Xeric: Ultra-Rare: First rare: Second: Theatre of Blood: Ultra-Rare: First rare: Second: The only rule is that no one can win more than once, this is to make it fair for everyone, Yes there is still an event for CoX so you will win both the reset and community events. I will make/have an account that all the rewards will be on, i will also take donations of players if they would like to donate to have more prizes to be won, you don’t have to donate to it if you wish not to. I am making this community event to make raids more popular and to spend some quality time with everyone in our amazing community! P.S. Please Screenshot all drops and post it on the forums as proof that you have won, if you don't post it, you will not win the prize! Best of Luck to everyone 🙂 ❤️
  2. Thank you for the feedback! 😛
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