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  1. Polishing up that old content would be great, and then moving onto some Quality of Life updates ❤️
  2. Your consistency is insane guys, keep up the great work. Also Pet Drop
  3. Okay this method worked, thanks! BUT the walk from Karamja Docks to this dig location is still a little far, but not a priority update. Also a World Map integration (pinpointing your location) would be great.
  4. The closest teleport to the Karamja step is a far run and you can't jump across the stepping stones to get to the Clue Scroll digging area making it incompletable. Adding a Shilo Village teleport outside of the village gate and correcting the stepping stones would be appreciated!
  5. Hey there, my names Jacob & I'm from Staffordshire, England. I currently work as a Freelancer within Graphic Design. Haven't been feeling the grind of OSRS as of late, so here I am. Props to the developers and staff team; Valius has got a lot going for it. I hope to get to know more of you x
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