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  1. Yeah, I forgot about that one as I wrote this suggestion 🙂 //Adam
  2. In RuneScape 3 you are rewarded with Thalers as you compete, participating in events, minigames etc. My suggestion: As my last suggestion was about events while skilling and random skilling events, I thought a thaler system could be added to the game. Example: Opening the Barrows chest after killing all B. Brothers rewards you with 1 Thaler. Participating in a random skilling event rewards you with 1 Thaler. Highlighted minigames/random events grants you 1 extra Thaler each time you complete a event/minigame. Example of Thaler Shop xp scrolls 25% 10 Thalers xp scrolls 50% 20 Thalers Lamp - 25 Thalers Some kind of cosmetic cape to show off your achievements through minigame, event participation. Some customs, such as a crossbow, wand or a sword. This would be one of the most expensive rewards from the thaler shop. 100 Thalers Ring of Stone - 5% Chance to receive x2 ores while mining. 35 Thalers Perfect' Ring - some kind of custom stats. 50 Thalers Boots of lightness 10 Thalers Red & Blue capes (The nomad ones) 20 Thalers each. Mystery box 150 Thalers {Void Knight Top - 75 Thaler Void Knight Bottom 75 Thaler Void Knight Gloves - 50 Thaler Void Knight Helms 50 Thaler each Void Knight Mace - 50 Thaler Fighter Torso - 25 Thaler} There's alot of potential in this suggestion, and I do understand that not everyone will be happy about this being added to the game, but maybe there's some people who likes the concept of this. //Adam
  3. The Imperials Welcome to The Imperials Clan page. On this page you'll find ongoing activities, list of members and other information about what we do. As a member of The Imperials you are: - You are not toxic. - Friendly to everyone, no matter what. - You follow the server rules. - Participating in clan events such as skilling, raiding etc. ONGOING ACTIVITY RAID BOSS SKILLING STATUS (CLOSED) (OPEN) MEMBER LIST Clanleaders Dirthutman - - Members - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Event Manager - -
  4. Hello Valius Citizen, This is a simple suggestion that poped up in my head.. While mining or woodcutting, you could have a chance of a rock/tree becomes enhanced.. sounds weird but yeah.. But anyway: - While the rock/tree is enhanced, while mining or woodcutting, receive x2 the resource untill the enhancement ends.. - The enhancement is stronger if a team of 5, 10, 15 and so on are teamworking, with that said, the more people that helps eachother, the stronger the enhancement becomes. - The enhancement could grant you a Skilling box or maybe 25-100% xp boosts for 10, 30 minutes as a rare reward. The skilling box would contain skilling supplies, Tools and maybe in very rare cases some kind of special reward, such as a uncut onyx etc. This is just a simple suggestion, if you dont like the idea, please let me know! 🙂 RuneCrafting event: - The Four Elements - - The wizards calls for your assistance, they will direct you to one of the four elemental runes, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. - The wizards wants you to charge a Power orb to 100% Before the time runs out. - This event requires more than 1 player to be completed. How it works: - Talk to a wizard to recieve a Power orb. - Fill your inventory with rune essence / pure essence. - Craft the type of rune that the event announced. - Continue to Craft the runes untill the Power orb has reached 100%. Give the Power orb to a wizard for some kind of reward, mystery box or something like that. - Keep in mind, this event is not a solo event. Trying to solo it will make the timer run out and you will lose the charges and the Power orb. - The XP gained during the event could be the same as Death runes, ONLY during the event and you must carry a Power orb to gain the maximum xp.
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