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Found 1 result

  1. ☘️Lava Dragons☘️ Welcome back to Valius! Today I've got a guide for you that will have you thinking, "Why did I just buy all those regular dragon bones???" Think no more! This guide will save you some money and time. Lava dragon bones offer the most XP for Prayer, ONLY if you bury them in the deep wilderness. How to get there? Goto the Valius Teleporter at home or Donator Zone, goto Wilderness Teleports, then find 'Lava Dragons' Teleport to Lava Dragons, kill them for their bones, and bury them. Yeah.. it's that simple/ You can also buy Lava Dragon Bones from other players. Event Chests can drop lava dragon bones as well. So be on the look-out for Enraged Tarn and Graardor because they spawn every 1-3 hours and give up to 60 lava dragon bones each at a given time.
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