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Saint Plague

Total Level Competition!

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This event will be about total level, for this event the TOP 3 NEW EXTREME IRONMAN will be rewarded as follows (and will go to your main account).

1st place $50 Valius bond
2nd place $25 Valius bond and 2 Donor boxes
3rd place $10 bond with 2 Donor boxes

For you to enter this competition you MUST Register on the forums by commenting the name of the account they wish to use on a thread I will be Posting Friday 8pm Eastern time. You will be using a tag at the beginning of your name that I will be posting on the stated above thread, for example, "Saint" Plague or "Event" Plague. This is to ensure no one gets the jump on anyone else.

Along with that keep in mind if 3 people max their accounts they can still be passed by the end of the event by total exp so it remains a competition for the entirety of its duration (If you miss a day or so you aren't burned by not maxing!) Good luck out there and take advantage of double exp this weekend while you can, your going to need it. 

The event starts August 17th at 8pm eastern and ends September 30th 8pm Eastern

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Cool Cool..

this will b interesting to see how it interferes with the other event HCIM going on LOL


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