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HCIM Conquest Event!

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HCIM Event

To celebrate our newly released server, the Valius staff team has decided to host our first HCIM event. The giveaway will last from September 16th to October 20th.


- Goal -

Players will be competing against each other during this time period for the most LEVELS gained. On October 20th we will review all players who have entered the giveaway and distribute the prizes accordingly.


- Prizes -

Players with the most total levels will win

1st place - $50 Valius bond + Custom title

2nd place - $25 Valius bond + Custom title

3rd place - $15 Valius bond + Custom title


- How to Join -

- Create a new account with "HCIM" in front of your desired name. You will not be entered into the giveaway unless this is done!

- Make sure your account is on NORMAL experience mode.

Ex. "HCIM Fat Ghost"

- Respond to this thread with the username that you will be using for this event.


- Rules -

- Any form of cheating or bug abusing will result in a disqualification from the event.

- MUST have "HCIM" in front of your username or you will not be entered.

- The event will START on September 16th and END on October 20th. Any levels gained before or after these dates will NOT count.

- You only have one life, be careful!


- Good luck! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my discord. ID: Fat Ghost #3036 -

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