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Mod Divine

[17/09/18] - Revenant teleport + bug fixes

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Hey guys, here with some more updates from Pat and I!


Pat's Updates:
- Adjusted Thieving outfit XP Bonus
- Changed Master Farmer lv req. from 60 to 38
- Adjusted XP rates for impling hunting
- Well of Goodwill edits:
- - Double PC points from 50M to 30M
- - Double drops from 100M to 75M
- - 1.5x XP to 50M

- Completely rewrote and changed how XP is handled - Andy + Pat

Divine's Updates:
-Fixed the death task for hardcore ironman players
-A spawn for the fishing shop has been added to the southern home resource area 
-A global death message will now be displayed when a Hardcore ironman player dies
-Skillpoints have been added as a non-tangible currency and will display in your quest tab, replacing Shayzien points (as they aren't needed to be displayed)
-Home NPC's have been renamed so players can find things easier
-A teleport to Revenants has been added to the teleport interface
-Created a pet that can open the teleport interface + bank (Not currently in-game)

Make sure to report any Bugs/Suggestion you have on the forums in the correct sections! (or message us on Discord)

In other news....
-Advertisements have been posted today so you will see more new players joining the server, make sure to give them a warm welcome 🙂
-Skill points are in the works... They will be a little different than Valius but will be rewarding for your time spent skilling.


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