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Weekly Skill Competition[NEW SKILL: Slayer & Agility]

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Weekly Skill Event
How it works:
Players will create a regular (Non-Ironman) account and choose the "Classic/Event" experience rate.
Once you create the account, you will automatically be entered into the event.
Each week, a new skill will become available for players to train and at the end of each week, the player with the most experience
in that weeks skill will be rewarded. *Previous weeks skills will remain unlocked so players are able to continue training them.*

Current Skill(s) this week:
Starting date: Tuesday October 30th 2018
End date: Tuesday November 6th 2018
Skill: Slayer & Agility
Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Prayer, Range, Magic, FishingCooking
(7 total capes to win this week!)


  • A Custom (and one of a kind) cape with the stats of a firecape + avas, give a 5% droprate bonus & will also attract metal objects
  • 25 Valius Tokens ($25 donation)
  • 1000 Bloodmoney


  • 2x Raid Mystery box's
  • 500 Bloodmoney


  • 1x Raid Mystery Box
  • 1x Mystery Box
  • 250 Bloodmoney


 Media for Winner capes

Past Winners:
Week 1: (To be finished)

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