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[02/12/18] - New Daily Rewards + more!

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-Experience lamps now give proper amounts of experience
-The custom raids (Trials of xeric) and raid 1 are now enabled
-Hotkey (f-key) saving has been fixed
-The daily rewards have been completely redone. There are now 16 rewards for players to earn depending on your log in streak (reset if you miss a day!)
 Also included is an exclusive "Lava party hat" (only way to obtain this) for those players determined enough to hit 20 total days logged in in a row!
 This reward will remain until: December 30th 2018, then rewards will be changed up & another exclusive item will be added.     
-The bank boundaries for the home area bank have been set (it will now be considered a bank for the looting bag emptying for example)
-Ultimate ironman players will now be able to return to their death location and pick up their loot
-Fixed dialogue when players get a Mbox from the hourly rewards, it will now display as "Hourly" instead of "Mbox"
-Pink areas on the map (the wildy ditch, Vorkath, the Trials of Xeric, etc) have been fixed
-The Sword of Valius now have particles and has been added to the starter kits
-The dragon harpoon has been fixed
-Our new Donation page is now live
-Drinking a saradomin brew and equiping armor now works properly
-Jad will now properly work
-The rune pouch will no longer delete your items
-Christmas model have been packed for an upcoming custom christma event!
-Models for Dominion weapons + a custom battleaxe (credits to corey) have been packed

Up-coming Launcher

New starter weapon (Sword of Valius)

Daily Rewards

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