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[04/12/18] - Boss points shop and Boss Caskets!

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-Opacity when clicking an item has been added
-Hunter levels will no longer reset when you log out (needing to train to see your proper level again)
-Boss caskets for godwars bosses have been finished
-Fixed the stand animation for the Sword of Valius (Starter sword)
-Fixed attack animations for starter sword
-New skill for the skilling event (Classic mode) are: Thieving and Runecrafting!
-Vorkath armor has been added to the Vorkath drop table
-the new start sword has been added to ironman, hcim ironman and ultimate ironman starters
-The Boss points shop has been added in with the godwars caskets + bloodmoney to purchase from it. more items will be added very soon! More caskets will be created in the future as well.
 *Remember* Players have a 1:200 chance to receive a Justiciar shield from a boss casket on top of their actual reward (double loot!)
-The pvm point shop has been moved south of the teleports portal along with the Boss points shop

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quality updates as per usual. 🙂 and good luck to the classic thievers and runecrafters!

do the boss caskets always give you a rare drop?

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