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ValiusOS [08-01-19] Some useful fixes and changes

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Hey guys, here with another patch of updates from Pat, James, Corey and I.

-The price for Dboots (or) kit has been fixed in the PVM points shop and now sells for 250 Pvm points
-Quest tab auto chat has been fixed
-Tarn now does damage and will drop keys properl again
-Players can now click "Tab" to reply to other players private messages
-Extra vote tickets and bonus XP time is now calculated based on how many vote tokens are being claimed. 
-The vote token command has changed to ::reward and will claim all awaiting tickets automatically
-Created a weapon sheathing class (TODO: Operating method for Sheathing)
-A fix for players sometimes not seeing other players has been added
-Players will no longer Disconnect while in Raids
-Slayer points now display in the quest tab
-Voting has now been fixed
-Multiple accounts will not be allowed in the same raids lobby or raid instance
-The Chaotic and Xeric crossbow now work properly
-The twisted crossbow will now do 30% more damage while in raids 1 and trials of xeric
-Damage for the twisted bow has been reduced slightly
-Twisted bow drops from raids will now show as twisted bow on the global messages
-The global announcement for the Vanguard pet now announces properly
-A temporary command ::stuckraids has been added that will send you back to the starting room should you get stuck

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