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Mod Divine

ValiusOS [09/01/19] - Some shops redone

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-Players can now empty Vials of water by using the right click "Empty" option
-Castle wars has been started (Currently working n the team lobbies for it)
-The bloodmoney shop has had some price changes & some new items added
-Josik has been removed
-Prayer books have been added to the PVM point shop
-New items have been added to the Bloodmoney shop (wealth scroll, barrows items)
-The infernal key + infernal mbx have been added to the Donaator store
-Corrected a typo for the daily rewards
-fixed the names of donator scrlls
-The Infernal chest has a custom pet drop only aquired from here which is the infernal raids Jad (1:500 chance)
-Fixed the Event chest size
-Tarn's distance before he retaliates has been lowered by 1/3
-Dragon battleaxe special attack has been fixed
-Accuracy for the Twisted bow has been fixed



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