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Things that should be changed

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Yo Guys im right now rank 2 Hardcore Ironman and im going for rank 1 and max. While i played for 3 days now i started to notice some things that are not how they should be and I hope they get fixed because it is lost potential on such a good well constructed rsps.


-- Animations of some Monsters (Smoke Devil, Cave Kraken,....) : It just looks ugly when there is no proper animation 

-- Agility and Interaction with Doors, Stairs and so on (example doors and stairs in Slayer Tower): If you dont move in the proper spot you dont open the door or use the agility obstacle, Agility is dogshit it is one of the worst codes ive Ever seen it needs to get reworked heavily to make it worth being on this good Server

-- Vorkath: Vorkath is kinda well just the spawn spawns very often like  15 times in 3 minutes, I'd say thats a bit much

--A nurse in Home that heals u to 99 hp and takes poison from you, it is so annoying as ironman when you dont have antipoison yet and u get poked until it is gone

--Ironman: It is very hard to get pure Essence for Rcing (in 300 abby demon kills 800 pure ess, in like 200 banshee kills like 600) would be nice because you already need runes until you get to Zulrah for the real pure essence drops

Herblore secondarys are really really annoying to get, crawling hands drop 1-2 at a time, hellhounds arent also that much better, i think it should get a little buff

--Zulrah i heared of many people that zulrah is very annoying and not well done (I cant say that because ive not done it yet)


This are my suggestions to make the Server better, it is really nice and i love the concept of it. It should not be ruined by simple things like animation and interaction with doors.

Thanks for reading

Your Return

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Can definitely see where you are coming from with these points. We will see what we can do to help yo and future HCIM.

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