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Referral event !

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The event has been changed to make it a lot easier for people to invite individuals from all over the net to come play Valius ! A few of the staff members have come up with the idea of implementing a discord bot that tells you upon inviting someone through and to the DISCORD server. Simply click on the '' Valius Community Chat '' To get the drop down, secondly click on invite people. It recognizes individuals who you've been in contact with or friends with. Send them an invite ! and it will auto record your invite through DISCORD !                                                             


The prizes have been changed due to previously having a youtube / friend referral and it's a lot easier to handle when it's done through discord. By typing !leaderboards it would bring up who has the most invites, and who does not. The prizes will only be for 1st,2nd,3rd places on the leaderboard. SO GET YOUR INVITING GOING ITS TIME TO GIVE VALIUS WHAT IT TRULY DESERVES ESSSKEIIITTTTT.

The duration of the event has been decided and will could be continued until 3+weeks have gone by at the end of the event no matter how many people have been invited ( if its 10 or if its 40 in first place they will get the prize ) 


1st place

100$ By PayPal / Pre-Paid credit card / In game credit ( being discussed )

2nd place 50 $

50$ By PayPal / Pre-Paid credit card / In game credit ( being discussed )

3rd place 25$

25$  By PayPal / Pre-Paid credit card / In game credit ( being discussed )


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