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Weekend Events - April 27, 28, & 29

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Starting this weekend, I (Titan) will be holding weekend events for everyone to enjoy. I believe that there should be some more variety in terms of different activities to do periodically. On April 27th, there will be numerous events going on throughout the entire day. Working alongside @Corey& @Mod Divine, some special rewards will be made available to the amazing winners! I am personally excited to hold these events, especially if people enjoy them.  As long as players attend these weekend events, they will continue for the entire month of May! ❤️

Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)


2:00 PM - Hide & Seek

For the game of hide and seek, you will have to find the person who is hiding. Clues, in the form of riddles, will be given every 5 minutes that they are hidden. The person who is hiding will also be given to you, so you know who to search for. The player is trades the person hiding will be the winner. We will have 3 different games of hide and seek. This meaning that there will be 3 winners who will receive rewards. 

7:00 PM - Pest Control

Do you need people to play Pest Control in order to obtain your void? Well, today is the day to do so. For this event, Double Pest Control Points will be enabled, so gear up and head over to Pest Control for some games. 


4:00 PM - Juggernaut 

Tired of those boring games for Friday? Why not spice it up a bit? For this event, you will have to kill the juggernaut with (what seems like) ALOT of Hitpoints! The player who deals the most damage will receive some very juicy rewards. There will several opportunities to kill the juggernaut, starting at 4:00 PM. Gear up and pot up because for this one, we are heading to the wilderness. I will warn you through that it is very dangerous and you will lose items if killed. Currently, there are no restrictions on what you can bring!


It's Sunday and it's a Funday!

3:00 PM - PvM Spree

Wanting a cool new item or want to explore the rare drop table? Today is that day. We will be exploring what kind of very dangerous and tough bosses that Valius has to offer. We are going on a PvM Spree! We will be visiting locations such as the Godwars Dungeons, Corporeal Beast Lair, and even Raids 1! It's time to gear up your best gear, grab a bunch of brews, and using the teleporter at home to slay these magical beasts.

That's about it for the events. Once again, I am super happy to host these events for you guys. It motivates me to see players happy from a change of pace from skilling, maxing, or farming for the best items. I really hope you all enjoy the planned events and I will see you there! 

See you this weekend!

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