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Mod Divine

Theatre of Blood finally here on FRIDAY!

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After weeks of planning and development and several days of private beta testing Theatre of blood will finally be here on
Friday April 26th at 5:30PM EST!
make sure you have all your gear prepped, you wont want to miss out on your chances to be the first to try out the Theatre. I wont be going too much into it now, that will be for Fridays post (A more detailed look into the Theatre of blood). There will also be an Event to go along with Theatre of Blood this month with some pretty juicy prizes so make sure to stay tuned and not miss out on that opportunity as well.


With the release of Theatre of blood, We will also be launching a new Advertising campaign. Over the next few weeks you will see the player base grow and plenty of new faces coming. Please be friendly, Valius is known for it's great community!
Along with the new players we will see lots of new content such as:

  • Shooting stars
  • Several new bosses (Void Knight Champion, The Angel of Death and More)
  • TONS of new items
  • Cluescrolls redone

Theatre of blood Events can be seen here: https://valius.net/community/index.php?/topic/479-theatre-of-blood-competition/

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I'm really looking forward to ToB. I'm sure it will introduce new and amazing end game content. I'm also looking forward to this new Ad Campaign 🙂

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