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Mod Divine

[04-24-19] Raid 1 Fixes & More!

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With the announcement of Theatre of Blood release on friday, im sure you already have enough on your plate as is. but as usual, here are some more Fixes and changes! We are expecting tons of new things to do on Valius this month so stay tuned!

-Players will now receive the Beaver and Rock Golem pets while Woodcutting and Mining respectively.
-Item definitions for the latest items have been added
 (Meaning we will be seeing all the latest clue scroll items and more very soon!)
-Theatre of blood boss combat has been complete! We can expect to see much more on this tomorrow and Thursday as the release day nears!
-Dragon knife prices have been adjusted properly
-Several new custom items and npcs have been packed and will be released over the next little while
-Wilderness bosses can no longer be safe spotted
-The stairs at home have been fixed
-Players will no longer disconnect while joining a Chamber of Xeric (Raids 1) game
-The fishing acheivement has been fixed 100% this time
-Ahrims special effect will now take effect while wearing the ahrims robes in barrows
-Players can now obtain the mages cape from the mages arena properly

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